A fashion editor answered your questions about the summer wedding guest dresses

A fashion editor answered your questions about the summer wedding guest dresses

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Is your diary bursting at the seams with invitations? You can survive a summer of parties with the best wedding guest dresses. We’ve compiled a guide to the best wedding guest dresses to ease the pressure.

The most elegant wedding guest dresses should be timeless. Although they may be inspired by the latest fashion trends and have a timeless style, it is important that your wedding guest dresses are affordable. It’s easy to change the look or add new accessories. The style and location of your wedding will also affect the choice of look.

You want elegance, minimal styling, so start your search by assessing your wedding theme. Wedding guest dresses for black tie events can be different from those for garden parties or religious ceremonies. Wedding guest dressing is not as simple as it sounds.

You can avoid fashion faux pas by defining the no-nos.

The best wedding guest dresses are available in many styles and shapes, including midi and maxi dresses. A midi, maxi, or midaxi length dress is best for wedding guests. A longer line will prevent wardrobe malfunctions during windy days, and a shorter hemline will not cause discomfort.

A dress may feel less versatile than a cord, but you can easily rework block-colored dresses for any season by changing your accessories for each occasion. This is a great style tip if you have a lot of invites. The best designer dresses rentals are great for those who don’t want to commit.

These are the top style questions when it comes to best wedding guest gowns.


It is acceptable to wear sequins to weddings. However, you need to consider the color, time of year, and style of the wedding before selecting your dress.

Sequins can be worn if the wedding has an evening black-tie reception or cocktail hour. However, if the wedding is an afternoon tea or beach ceremony, sequins may be considered ‘over-the top’.

Avoid using too many sequins. You don’t want to make the bride look too flashy with too many sequins. You might also want to avoid the color sequins unless you know the color of the bridesmaids dresses. Ask the bride for her opinion if you are still uncertain. She will be happy to help and will put your mind at ease.


Although it may seem odd, many polka dots dresses have a white base, so the majority of your gown could end up being white. Avoid white-based prints unless the dress has a lot of color.

Any other color base fabric than white or champagne can have polka dots. A timeless and classic print, a polka dots dress can be worn multiple times, and even used as a guide for choosing what to wear at the races and Wimbledon (like the Duchess).


Avoid wearing the same color as your bridesmaids. You don’t want it to appear like you are part of the bridal ceremony. This is not a big mistake, but it can be embarrassing. Ask the bride to give you an overview of the color scheme for the wedding so that you don’t make a mistake by matching.