A Hairstylist explains the right order to use your hair care products

A Hairstylist explains the right order to use your hair care products

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There are so many hair products on the market, and it can be hard to know which one to use for the best results. Devin Toth, a professional hairstylist, is here to help you make it easy. He says that it is perfectly acceptable to mix hair products. It’s important that you try many combinations until you find the right one. It’s fun to experiment with more products than you think you will need in order to discover what it can do.

Scroll down to see the recommended order in which to apply hair products, including product recommendations from the Fall Box.

Step 1: Shampoo

A regular shampoo is the first step in any haircare regimen. For a new base, simply wash your hair with water and remove any oily residues.

Step 2: Apply conditioner or mask

You will want to moisturize your hair after you wash it. This will make your hair look and feel better.

Toth suggests using a mask every other week to add some extra nourishment to your hair. Your hair will also need a mask to enhance color, shine, or just provide more moisture. Try different brands to find your favorite product!

Step 3: Oils, creams, and serums

Conditioning styling products may be a good addition to your styling routine, especially if you are prone to split ends and unwanted flyaways. Toth says, “Conditioning styling products should be applied before holding any other styling products.” To ensure absorption, it should be applied to damp hair. “Oils, creams, and serums are designed to penetrate the hair shaft.”

Step 4: Gel or Mousse

After you have thoroughly condition your hair, you can add definition to curls and create your desired style with products that give your hair a little more hold. Toth says that mousses and gels are intended to cast the outside of the hair shaft. So it is important to use absorbable products before you apply the ‘hold’ products.

Step 5: Dry Shampoo or Hairspray

A good hairspray is the best option for that last hold. If you haven’t washed your hair for several days, you might notice oil buildup at the roots. This is a sign that it’s time to use dry shampoo. Toth explained that dry shampoos can be used in the exact same way as hairspray because of their dry nature.

Last thought: You don’t have to be afraid of your natural hair. Toth states, “I believe that you should always love your hair as it grows out of the head. I recommend that you use different hair products and tools to keep your hair healthy and change your style.”