How to transform skin overnight

How to transform skin overnight

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Every night, I face the same dilemma. My brain tells my body to go to bed, but my body tells my brain to do my nighttime skin care routine. After a point, I find it hard to imagine spending more than 10 minutes looking in the mirror. Then I remember how much I look and feel after spending the night in serums, and I head for the bathroom.

There are now a variety of skincare products that can simplify your bedtime skincare routine and help you solve this problem. These are not your average night creams. These masks have high-tech timed delivery technology and rich lotions that protect your skin. They also contain gentler, more effective, retinoids. This will allow you to get to the “sleep” part of beauty sleep faster. Sarah Brown, Violet Grey’s Violet Lab executive director, says that products that work overnight can be the ultimate multitaskers. Violet Grey customers respond to U Beauty the Barrier, an emollient cream containing bioactive ingredients that helps rebuild the skin barrier overnight.

These products are effective because of one reason. Dendy Engelman, a dermatologist, says that we are designed to heal ourselves in our sleep. This is when your body does cellular repair and detox. “If we give our skin ingredients that either help the repair process or induce change, they will be more well received than those given during the day,” says Dendy Engelman. In other words, your skin’s primary focus is on protecting itself from the external world. It can relax at night and focus on its work.

Engelman says that ingredients like ceramides and peptides help strengthen and protect the skin. Retinoids, on the other hand, aid in cellular turnover as well as collagen production. You could use each of these ingredients separately, but it is much more exciting to combine them in one product. Noble Panacea’s Chronobiology Sleep Mask uses time-release technology to deliver the ingredients to your skin throughout your night. This is dependent on your circadian rhythm, and when your skin needs them.

According to Shereene, the hydration factor is the most important aspect of night creams and why they are thicker and more rich, dermatologist ShereeneIdriss says. Your skin’s temperature rises at night, and you can sometimes wake up looking like an raisin. Idriss uses “face basting” to combat this. She applies an ultrarich cream to the skin overnight to “help soothe inflammation and lock in moisture.” To ensure that the ingredients are absorbed properly, you need to give your skin time. “Otherwise you’re just wiping off everything onto your pillowcase.” You want it to count if you put in any effort. This will allow you to focus on counting sheep.

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