This Second Habit Will Help You to Love Yourself

This Second Habit Will Help You to Love Yourself

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Self-confidence isn’t something you naturally have, but it is something you can develop through specific rituals and practices like positive affirmations and self-talks. Swiping your lipstick can give you the self-motivation to conquer the day. Another easy way to boost your confidence is high-fiving.

Mel Robbins is the author of The 5 Second Rule. He recently published a book called The High 5 Habit: Take Control of your Life with One Small Habit. It focuses on the power of high-fiving yourself in the mirror every day. Robbins claims that this habit can have positive side effects such as reducing negative thoughts and boosting self-confidence. Although it sounds simple and silly, science supports it. High fives have been shown to increase motivation, strength, and decrease cortisol levels (aka stress hormone). So don’t be afraid to try it.

Robbins shares the details about the benefits of high-fiving yourself and how it works. He also explains how you can put it into action to get the confidence-boosting results for yourself.

How to Practice High-Fiving for Yourself

We assume that you are familiar with the basics of high-fiving. However, there are some tricks and tips to maximize the habit’s effectiveness. The first is when should you do it. Robbins suggests high-fiving your self daily, right after brushing your teeth in the morning. Doctor says that if you combine a new habit with an existing one, your brain will find it easier to establish a pattern. The habit of brushing your own teeth will make it easier to remember to give yourself high fives.

Robbins suggests that you stand in front of a mirror, acknowledging the need to support and encourage the person looking back at your face. Next, raise your hand and look in the mirror. Finally, give a high-five to your reflection. It’s that easy! Robbins admits that it can feel strange at first, but it will soon become second nature.

The high five habit can be used throughout the day, and you can use it whenever you feel stressed. Robbins calls this “high-fiving” your heart. You can practice this by pressing your hands into the middle of your chest. Robbins explained that this is the place where the vagus nerve runs. By pressing down on the area, you can turn off the sympathetic nervous (the fight response) associated with stress and activate the parasympathetic nervous (the at-rest nervous systems). This will make you feel more grounded. Robbins suggests that you repeat the mantra “I’m okay” while holding your hands above your heart. “I’m safe. I am loved.”

The benefits of high-fitting yourself

Robbins says there are three main benefits to high-fiving every morning as part of your morning routine. Dopamine will instantly start to flow into your system, which can help elevate your mood. Robbins says that you’ll feel a surge of energy and a boost in mood when you do it. This is because your nervous system has been hardwired to associate high fives with celebratory energy.

She also says that you will feel more positive because there is a neural association between high-fives and positive beliefs and encouragement. Robbins says that all of the programming explaining the benefits is already stored in your brain, your nervous system, and in your body because of how many times you have given or received high-fives. The physical act of high-fiving activates all the positive programming in your subconscious to marry with yourself. It is neurologically impossible for you to look in the mirror and give yourself a high-five and then think of something negative.

Robbins says that you will notice a change in your mood and energy after incorporating this habit. You’ll also begin to have a better relationship with yourself. She says that it breaks the cycle of self-rejection and self-criticism. It reprograms your brain with positive programming that includes the high five: encouragement, celebrations, support, and love.

Robbins explains that by high-fiving oneself daily, regardless of how you feel or what you have accomplished, you communicate to yourself that you love yourself and accept yourself. She says, “It’s reframing your belief systems about who you are.” “Your brain is also starting to go, whoa! Wait a minute. The mirror is not to be criticized. They are now to be celebrated. You’ll feel more inspired. You will feel more connected to yourself. You’ll feel like you’re returning home to yourself.”