Louis Vuitton’s last NBA capsule + More Fashion News

Louis Vuitton’s last NBA capsule + More Fashion News

22.06.2022 Off By manager_1

shallow focus photography of unpaired gray adidas sports shoe

Adidas leaps through the metaverse

The SS22 season is bringing the Adidas Ozworld collection to life. Two new models, Oznova and Ozweego meta, have been added to the already popular Ozelia and Ozweego styles. The footwear conglomerate went one step further by allowing customers to express their individual style and identity via the metaverse at select retail locations. It’s an extraordinary experience.

Louis Vuitton launches the last NBA capsule

Louis Vuitton’s 2020 collaboration with the NBA was launched by Virgil Abloh, a late menswear designer. The French label revealed the third and final installment in this partnership on June 2. It features a backpack and watch case, as well as a hygiene bag, and all are made of electric blue leather with the iconic LV monogram. The collection, which includes a new travel trunk to carry the NBA’s Larry O’Brien Trophy’s updated basketball jersey, is a perfect example of Abloh’s passion for opening up fashion industry to all.

Christian Louboutin travels to Greece

Christian Louboutin will be celebrating his love for travel this summer with a tribute towards the land and sea in Greece. The Greekaba collection features two cabas bags with cheeky illustrations by Konstantin Kakanias. It is accompanied by footwear and accessories for men and women. These playful and striking styles can be found online as well as in select shops worldwide. A portion of the proceeds will go to Together for Children, a Greek non-profit.

Hayley Elsaesser & Smirnoff: Stay cool this summer

Hayley Elsaesser, a Canadian designer, is helping to kick-off summer with the launch Smirnoff’s new Berry Blast Vodka & Soda. Smirnoff will release a limited-edition line of unisex clothing inspired by Y2K, which is being promoted as a party-ready beverage. The cargo pants have coolant lined pockets that fit exactly the size of the drink can. The bucket hat doubles up as an ice bucket. Simple, yet effective.

Burberry roots down at Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Burberry, the British fashion brand, has created a scarf as an official partner for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant. This silk square features four British national birds and is hand-illustrated. Burberry donated to the Woodland Trust in order to enrich the UK’s tree-rich landscapes during the creation of the scarf. The scarf is now available to purchase. It will be displayed in Burberry stores flags and window displays throughout London during the Jubilee celebrations.

Remake encourages consumers to stop shopping

Simply put, we all have too many things. Many garments are thrown away or discarded because of our constant need to shop. Non-profit collective Remake, which has a mission of disrupting the clothing industry, is asking consumers to stop buying new clothes for 90 consecutive days. This is the third consecutive summer. Take the #NoNewClothes promise and save more than 9,700 litres water, 207kg of CO2e, 9.1kg of waste, and a lot of your money.

Elita, a Canadian lingerie brand, expands its product range

Elita wants every woman feel like an Elita girl, which is why they have expanded their product range in two ways. First, there are now three nudes available. Previously, only two light beige options were offered. Their collections now have a 3XL size in bottoms, and a 46-size in bras.