Adidas Reveals 3D-Printed Eyewear

Adidas Reveals 3D-Printed Eyewear

10.08.2021 Off By admin

man standing in front of boy leaning on adidas building wall

3D printing technology seems to be fully adopted by the world of sportswear. These production improvements enable sports brands to create amazing new gear, from 3D-printed bikes and next-generation footwear. Adidas recently launched their next-generation footwear 4D FWD sneakers.

And now they announced an amazing pair of 3D-printed sports sunglasses. It is impressive that the one-piece matte black frame weighs a paltry 20 grams. Using should be comfortable with the light feel.Glasses makes use of a flexible nylon structure and a rubberized coating with the unique spiraling texture.

On the nose pads it’ll have the non-slip contact points, so it should be easy and comfortable to use glasses while doing sports like cycling, running, or lounging without fear of them slipping off.

A limited collection will be available to members of Adidas’ Creators Club starting on August 23rd. When it will be available for everyone is still unknown. 

The pricing for the new eyewear starts at $415 with only 150 pieces made in the first run.