Alani Figueroa’s Tips for You if You Want to be More Adventurous With Your Style

Alani Figueroa’s Tips for You if You Want to be More Adventurous With Your Style

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Think about how you dress. What three words would you use to describe your fashion sense? Perhaps playful or minimal? How about quirky? Alani Figueroa is bold, colorful and creative. According to her 431K Instagram followers she knows a lot about incorporating all three traits in one outfit. (Just take a look at her recent partnership with X By Glenmorangie). Although she acknowledges that her style is still in flux, it is clear that her passion for unconventional styling makes her one the most popular fashion influencers on social media.

Figueroa was exposed to a wide range of unusual fashion and beauty looks while growing up in New York. She recalls, “Walking around New York as a child, I saw women with long nails, big accessories, and different hair colors.” Figueroa has been pushing for style standards since she was a child. Although she was required to adhere to a dress code, Figueroa would find ways around it. She explains, “I had navy blue or khaki pants and a white polo or navy blue shirt.  Because I was wearing a polo, I would add a colorful spaghetti strap to my polo.”  “I was still wearing my polo,” Figueroa said. Or she would roll her pants up to show a pair of colorful socks. She laughs, “It was absurd.”

The influencer was raised dancing and planned to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in professional dance. She explains, “But, at same time, I decided that I would work at Kith.” She was constantly surrounded by sneakers and streetwear while she worked in the fashion-forward store. By posting styling photos on her Instagram, she was able to tap into the streetwear side fashion. Some of her photos now have over 50K likes and comments.

Figueroa shares more details about her style and gives tips on how to create eye-catching looks. For more inspiration, make sure to follow @wuzg00d.

The “No Rules” Theory

Figueroa explains that she doesn’t follow any fashion rules. Figueroa believes that dressing is all about trying out new and unorthodox things. “People aren’t supposed to mix patterns. Bold styling can be fun, but it’s all about breaking the rules.”

The influencer says that the only rule is to ignore the rules. You can take her advice to heart and try new outfits this fall. You might pair a striped sweater and leopard print pants. You can do it! You could also try mixing bright colors together. Bold outfits are allowed.

Figueroa’s Tips and Tricks

Figueroa doesn’t adhere to any fashion rules but she has some great advice for anyone who wants to be more adventurous in their fashion choices. Figueroa’s first tip is to not be afraid of going outside the box. She notes that people will sometimes gravitate towards one piece while shopping. Then they’ll be like, “Oh no, I’m not buying it because I don’t have any to match it.” It’s this mentality that keeps you within your comfort zone and doesn’t allow you to branch out. You’ll find more interesting items and have more to choose from.

The second tip she suggests is to look for things you don’t normally wear. She suggests that you look for one bright color or one piece of jewelry or a hat that adds a pop of color to your outfit. The style expert says that adding one bold piece to an outfit can help you feel more confident.

Anatomy Of An Outfit

How does Figueroa choose what outfit to wear? Here’s Figueroa’s take: “The main reason I love outfit so much is because it’s such a clash of different patterns, and colors. It’s a very unconventional way to combine the pieces. For example, the top is a rainbow-colored mesh long-sleeve top and then I have squiggly brown and black pants. This is atypical for New Yorkers who would pair a bright-colored bottom with bright shoes.”But, I chose to clash it with darker colours because it looked really cool combined with the squiggles, the patterns on it, it worked really well.”

Style your bold, singular item based on emotion and logic. If you are excited about the styles and feel confident, you can do anything.