How Often Should We Wash Bras? + some of the best ones to buy

How Often Should We Wash Bras? + some of the best ones to buy

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A good bra is like your best friend. It is there for you when you need it. As with friends, we tend to like certain bras more than others. This means that you will wear them more often. What is the best time to wash bras that you wear every day? Do you only need to wash it after a sweaty day? Should you wash your bra after each wear? We don’t usually re-wear underwear without washing it.

There are many questions surrounding the simple question of whether or not to wash your bra every day. How often should you wash your bras? How should you wash different bras? Is material important? This is just as difficult as wearing a corset!

The long-awaited answer to the question of washing bras is: It really depends. If your bra has taken in moisture, or you are an active person, it is best to wash it. You don’t need to wash your bra if you just throw it on to go to the bank and come back.

How often should your bra be washed?

According to Alok Vij MD, dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic, there is no scientific method. It all depends on how many wears you get from a bra. Even then, it can be difficult to determine what “full wear” is.

While wearing one for an hour at work while it’s cool and comfortable in the air conditioner might not be considered a full-time wear, one hour at the farmers market and sweating like a maniac could count.

Even if you wear your bra twice a day, it is important to let it rest. Excessive wear can cause your bra to become less supportive. It’s normal to let your bra rest for at least an hour, but it is worth considering if you have a tendency to gravitate towards a particular one.

We recommend that you wash your bra at the very least once a week. This will depend on how many bras you have in your collection. If you wear a different bra every day, then you don’t need to wash them all at once.

If you notice any stains or unusual smells, it is time to wash it.

What should you do to wash your bra?

Bras are delicate garments that have many intricate components. However, they don’t need to be washed by hand. To avoid your bras getting caught on your agitator or latching onto your clothing, you should place them in a mesh lingerie bag. You can wash them on a gentle cycle with your other clothes. To avoid bras getting caught or tangled up in the bag, make sure you clasp the hooks of your bras. If you’re not sure how to wash your bra, you can find many washing guides online.

Because everyone has different sensitivities, make sure you use a detergent that is safe for your skin. Some people get a rash from washing their clothes in heavily scented detergents, while others do not. It all comes down to personal preference.

Bra experts and bra retailers agree that bras should not be dried in the dryer. Bras can shrink or lose shape faster if they are exposed to high heat. A drying rack is the best choice.

Are different bra types required to be washed differently?

No. Bras can be stored in lingerie bags. Most bras can be washed in the gentle cycle. For delicate fabrics such as lace and mesh, cold water is better. However, all bras can be washed in the same way.

Because they are made of less components, sports bras and cotton bralettes can withstand a more rough wash than lingerie bags. However, they should be treated with care if they are to last a long period of time.

Sports bras should be washed after each use, especially if they were used for intense sweaty workouts. Even if the bra was worn once, it is important to wash sweaty bras every time you wear them. Dirt and bacteria can build up on your skin and cause irritation if they are put on again.

We’ve collected our top-rated, easy-to-wash bras so that you can last longer between laundry day. You can stay braless for a few weeks and still have to do laundry.

Bras that are easy to wash

Thirdlove 24/7 Perfect Coverage braIt’s

Annoying to see obvious bra lines underneath your favorite T-shirt. It can ruin your entire outfit! Thirdlove’s cup-less top has a full coverage fit, which reduces the chances of it protruding. It’s also made from smooth material, so there won’t be any lumps or bumps underneath your top. It is made from high-quality materials that will not only keep you supported but also last through multiple washes.

Parade Cotton Plunge Bralette

Sometimes, you just can’t bear to wear an underwire. This bralette is perfect for those days when you don’t want to wear any cups or straps. It is made from super soft material and offers a lot of support, despite not having an underwire. This bralette will not be damaged by the washer like other bralettes.

Cuup Scoop Bra

This microfiber bra is perfect for smooth looks. The cups are not sewn so it won’t show under shirts. You can choose from a variety of colors to suit your needs, including a nude, black or fun color. The fabric is thin but supportive and dries quickly after washing.

Uwila Warrior Soft Bra

Uwila Warrior created a bra that combines the support and comfort of a sports bra with softness. The bra is made from a double-layered fabric to provide support. Mesh details enhance breathability and give it a fun, see-through look. You can also wear the straps cross-over, or in the back.

lululemon AirSupport Bra

It’s not pleasant to double up on sports bras during intense workouts. The worst part is trying get the layers off after sweating through them. The lululemon high-support bra will be your only option during intense workouts. It’ll prevent you from getting sore after bouncing and ensure that you leave the gym with a full body. The cups are already built in, so it won’t take much to get them back in the bra after washing.