Can Steve Madden Shoes be considered Vegan?

Can Steve Madden Shoes be considered Vegan?

07.05.2022 Off By manager_1

Recently, I noticed that Steve Madden’s website has a section called “Vegan” or “Vegan Heel”. And now the question arised: Are Steve Madden’s shoes vegan?

This post will share what I learned about the footwear brand and its vegan options. Steve Madden offers a variety of vegan heels on its website. But are they really vegan?

I was unable to find any information about Steve Madden’s definition of “vegan” or their criteria regarding shoes that should be listed on their website.

When I looked at some of the shoes on this page, I noticed that some are made of synthetic or man-made materials. These shoes are vegan-friendly.

However, I also noticed that they list shoes with leather and suede materials on their “Vegan Heel” page. If you are looking for animal-free shoes, Steve Madden’s section “Vegan Heel”, on their website, is not recommended.

These shoes were originally in Steve Madden’s “vegan heel” section, but they are now made with animal suede. Steve Madden also offers a category called “Vegan”, which mostly includes their vegan leather jackets, clothing, and jackets. This list includes a few shoes that I was able to spot.

I checked the materials of the shoes in the “Vegan” section. These shoes are vegan-friendly, and they don’t say that they’re made from microfiber, microsuede or other man-made materials.

This may have been Steve Madden’s first attempt to market their shoes to vegans. So I was curious if Steve Madden uses vegan glues to create these “vegan heels” or “vegan leather” shoes.

Not all glues used in shoe making are vegan. Some glues can be made from animal collagen or animal by-products. Vegan shoe glue can be either synthetic or water-based.

This information is not often disclosed on the label, so I asked Steve Madden where their glues came from. They replied, “Please note that this information is not kept by us as it is more related to manufacturing processes.”

Today, synthetic-based and vegan glues are common. However, some shoe makers may still use glue made with animal by-products. Steve Madden cannot provide any information that would allow us to verify whether the glues they use really are vegan.

Final Answer: Are Steve Madden’s Vegans?

Although the source of shoe glue might not be an issue for some, Steve Madden has some styles that are affordable and easy to wear. However, I would not recommend that you shop from their “Vegan Heel” section. It’s not reliable and accurate.

If the glue source is important to you, then Steve Madden shoes might not be an option.

Vegan Alternatives to Steve Madden

Steve Madden would be pleased to hear that I recommend these vegan shoe brands:

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