Are You Looking for a New Job? Try the 369 Manifestation Method

Are You Looking for a New Job? Try the 369 Manifestation Method

18.10.2021 Off By manager_1

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Have you watched a TikTok clip about 369? Clark Kegley, an influencer, explained what the 369 Manifestation method is and how one can harness it’s transformative powers in their lives. His TikTok video has received more than 190,000 likes, and has been shared over 30,000 times. The mindfulness technique was then covered in more posts under #TikTok#369Method.

The numbers three, six and nine are all associated with Nikola Tesla’s belief in the power of numbers to manifest. He also believed that six was a sign of strength and that nine is the ability to let go of past negativity.

What is the secret to this viral method on social media? Well, the 369 Manifestation Method was created by Law of Attraction guru Karin Yee, of, who says she manifested $10,165.46 from doing the practice regularly. If you have ever imagined something happening and wished for it to happen, such as a job or meeting your soulmate or spouse, then you’ve manifested it. Now we have the 369-Manifestation Method.

The key to attracting the right people is to first identify what you want. A new job? Love interest? A house to buy? To focus in on what you want, create an affirmation. You might write “I am so happy that I am teaching English to children in China.” As you write, visualizing your affirmation come true, and the emotions associated with it can strengthen it. Imagine yourself as a teacher, happy and smiling at students.

Rachel Gibler is a spiritual thought leader and manifestation coach. She also hosts the It’s F*cking Spirit podcast. In an email, she explained that 90% of our actions are determined by our subconscious mind. This is based on past experiences, thoughts and beliefs. You must not only state what you want in the present tense, as if it has already happened (the 369 Method does that), but also tap into the energy of creating it. This basically means that you should imagine what you will hear, see, and feel when you reach your desired goal. The key to this is to combine it with visualization and feeling like you already have the results you desire. She says, “You have to believe it’s possible” and that it is on its way. This will help your subconscious mind believe you have already achieved your goal. It will also allow you to overcome limiting beliefs to actually work towards your goal.

How to do the 369 Manifestation Method

Once you have your affirmation you are ready to start — grab your journal. The 369 Method has three steps:

  • Write down your affirmation three more times each time you wake up.
  • Write it down six more times in the afternoon.
  • Write it nine times before you go to bed.

Maria Concha is a speaker and mindset coach. She also founded the lifestyle brand Manifesting Ninja. She says that if you keep it in your head, you will most likely be able recognize the opportunities rather than going about your day on autopilot, rehashing the same old thoughts and feelings and attracting the unwanted stuff.

Concha believes this technique can have a huge impact if used correctly, as repetition is key to its effectiveness. She explains that “right means choosing affirmations you can believe in. Otherwise, it will feel off. This process involves intentions, emotions and aligned actions. Affirmations are just a tool. If the tool sparks emotions not in alignment with your goals, you will not see it manifest in you life.”

An example of this is an affirmation such as, “I am a billionaire.” Concha states, “But if your bank account has $30 dollars, I don’t know how many people will feel comfortable saying that. So, while repetition can be helpful to overcome limiting beliefs, repeating a statement that your brain cannot comprehend will prove more frustrating than beneficial.”

Instead, she suggests saying something like “I am in x,y, and z ” So, if you want more money but your bank account doesn’t have the money goal, you could say, “I am in attracting financial opportunities that flow into my life.” She explains that this will make it seem more possible and less impossible to imagine.

It’s also about taking action

Gibler states that you should not only write down your manifestations in present tense, but also visualize them as if they have already occurred. You must also take coordinated action towards achieving the goal. She says that many people believe manifestation is simply about writing down what they want. But, she insists that this is not true. You must also take coordinated action towards your goals. To determine if something aligns, ask yourself this question: Does it feel expansive? It doesn’t matter if the action feels uncomfortable or scary. If you feel a positive feeling of expansion, it is a good choice. Do not do the action if you feel it is restrictive or off-putting, even if you believe you should.

What is the average time it takes to see results?

How long does the 369 Manifestation Technique take to show results? Some claim it takes at least 33 days. It is impossible to predict the exact time. For example, moving to China affirmation may take longer than 33 days. This is because it involves moving abroad and finding a teaching job! It is not an easy task. Instead of waiting 33 days for a result, remember that each person is unique.

Gibler says that there is no time limit on when manifestations will happen. Gibler says that it all boils down to how much energy you bring to the actions you take to achieve your goal. You should always tap into the energy of the person you would be if the item you want was already yours. If you lose heart or get impatient, you will vibrate at a lower frequency which may not make you the match you seek. It’s not that manifestation isn’t working. It’s because you’re not aligned with the outcome. What are my feelings as I work towards this goal? Are you sure that I can achieve this goal?

Concha points out, as with all things, consistency is key to seeing results. She says, “I will tell you that deliberate manifestation can bring about rapid results if done correctly. On the other hand, if you doubt the outcome of the process, it will attract more doubt. This is not what you want. It’s not that you didn’t manifest. You simply focused on what you didn’t want to manifest more than you wanted to manifest.”

Gabby Bernstein is a New York Times best-selling author, spiritual teacher and podcast host. She stresses patience in manifesting. She says patience is key to manifesting. It shouldn’t take too long to get in alignment with the things you want to manifest. You will quickly notice positive momentum, signs from the universe and a lot of other things. She advises that it is important to pay attention to how you feel. You’ve lost control of your manifestations the moment you push them or try to control them. Your pushy energy doesn’t align with the magnetic positive energy required to manifest. These people are called ‘manic manifestors’. They believe that if they don’t push, they won’t attract. It’s not true! It’s all about feeling good and being relaxed.

The 369 Manifestation Method in Action

Andrea Chapman is the marketing manager at Nature and Bloom. She started using the 369 Manifestation Method eight months ago after seeing others share their success stories on social media. She says that she was curious to test it out and think it would be worthwhile the five minutes each day. “It was intriguing to me, even though I didn’t believe it at first.” We know that such things can be posted online for clout or notices.

She will manifest little and big things like a day off work, earning enough money to buy a new laptop, or her dog being healed from a disease. Although the 369 Manifestation Method focuses on writing the same affirmation, there are variations. Chapman tried them all. She says, “Regarding my dog: I would write three lines that said, “My dog will recover in the next three days,” on a piece paper during the morning. In the afternoon, I would write six lines that said, ‘The veterinarian is calling me regarding the good news’. Then, during the evening, I would visualize how it would occur.” Chapman’s dog has made a complete recovery and is now back at home.

Chapman is clear that manifestations were not due to magic. She says that it took hard work and patience to achieve the goals. “I have learned a lot about mindset through this process. If you truly want to achieve something, it will happen. If you’re determined to pursue it, you’ll start taking action.

The technique isn’t right for everyone. Karisa Karmali (founder of Self-Love and Fitness) and ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Online Fitness coach, explains why. She tried 369 Manifestation for a few days because she loves trying new methods, and it was mostly for the business goals. “I liked the way it focused my mind and allowed me to sort through opportunities that were truly in line with my goals. But, long-term, too much journaling was unnecessary.” She stopped journaling and went back to reviewing her goals and journaling daily. She also reviewed her vision board once per week and watched Abraham Hicks videos on YouTube. She says that manifesting is all about our energy. Therefore, choosing a method that is simple and realistic is crucial to her sticking with it. “I can see the advantages of this method short-term but I needed more simplicity long-term.”

To Do or Not to Do?

Concha suggests that regardless of whether you use the 369 Manifestation Technique or not, you should always remember that you are always creating your reality, even if it isn’t obvious to you. She explains that manifestation is the deliberate creation of your reality by your thoughts, emotions and actions. You can choose to manifest intentionally or by default. We are constantly creating our reality. It is important to be conscious of our beliefs and deliberate about them. Gibler agrees. “So that you can create your life, not just have it happen to you.”