Are you looking older because of your makeup?

Are you looking older because of your makeup?

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It is an ongoing process to age well. There are many things you can enjoy about growing older (like grandkids!). It can be difficult to accept the inevitable physical changes as we age. It’s an inevitable part of life and there is no way to change that. Our appearance changes with age. We may feel the same inside as we did many years ago. But the reflection in the mirror is different.

No matter what the changes may be, we all want our best and want to feel great. Looking your best can help you feel happier. Self-care includes taking care of your appearance.

Maybe makeup is an integral part of your self-care routine. Many women consider makeup a part of their daily routine that helps them look and feel their best. What if your makeup makes you look older? There is a way to make your makeup look younger, and it’s not like other things. Makeup can make you feel better and help you look better.

These are main makeup mistakes that could make you look older. Stop doing these mistakes to look younger. It’s that easy!

Powder Cake Problems

You were taught to use powder to set your make-up years ago. Although this was a great idea for your 20s and 30s, the skin changes with age. Dryer skin is caused by the loss of hormones.

WebMD dermatologist Dr. Carolyn Jacob explained that the skin no longer produces as much natural moisturizing factors as it used too. The skin’s top layers also become more dry. Powder can make the skin appear flake-y, cake-y or dry. These two things will make your appearance last years.

Too much is not a good thing

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes less is more when it comes to makeup. Do you remember how your grandmother used to have her foundation on all the time? Her lipstick was also the most brilliant on the planet. You most likely won’t be going for this look.

When applying makeup, be gentle. You look like your grandmother, nothing says “old” like this! A magnifying mirror can help you see clearly if your vision is not as sharp as it used to be.

It’s not the same old thing

Do you still use the same makeup that you used 20-30 years ago? First, ask yourself how long you have been using your makeup. It can go bad. Mascara should be changed every six months, regardless of how often you use it. Second, do you still use the same makeup products and colors as you did years ago? You need to adapt your makeup routine to your skin’s current condition.

Blue Eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow is the best way to say 1970s. Remember? That was when I was in highschool, and everyone wore blue eyes shadow. This stuff was in a terra-cotta colored container that was Kohl Color. Or something similar. It was my opinion, the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. It was, at least, what I believed.


You can Google contouring to see many pictures that will show you how to contour your face using makeup. Wikipedia defines contouring as “usually achieved by placing a warm- or cool-toned color one to two shades darker than skin color in areas such the hollows and side of the mouth, as well as on the temples in order to create a shadow effect and slimming effect.”

Although it sounds great, Rae Morris, a makeup artist, says that contouring can actually make you look older. Do not contour areas with hollow temples. This will cause a deeper temple and ageing effect. Be careful contouring your cheekbones if you have a narrow or hollowed face.


Highlighting is similar to contouring and a popular way to highlight certain areas of your face. Women can do both contouring and highlighting at the same time. Some women use contouring to add shadow to certain areas of their faces and highlight specific features such as the tip or t-zone.

If you do choose to highlight, make sure you are highlighting the right parts of your face. It can make you look older. Suzy Gerstein, a celebrity makeup artist, shares her advice about highlighting via The List. “A shimmery highlighter on the brow bone can make it look old and pull down the eyes,” she says.

Time Warp Makeup

The “good old days” are something we all recall. Maybe you still like the 1980s makeup look. Younger people may find it fun and entertaining to adapt a makeup look from another decade. If you’re over 50 and are using ’70s, ’80s, or ’80s make-up, you’ll look old.

Your makeup is part of your wardrobe. You don’t need to wear the same clothes that you wore 20 years ago if you want to appear young. While polyester from the 1970s may last forever, it doesn’t mean that you should wear it.

Trendy Troubles

It’s not easy to walk a tightrope. You want to appear young and vibrant, but you don’t want your face to be old and stale. It’s tempting to follow the latest trends. It can actually make you look older if you follow too many trends. This makes you appear to be trying too hard. It’s not a good thing.

Although the photo of the mother and her daughter is cute, it is not a good idea to use the same makeup she uses. Stick to products that are safe for your skin and avoid trendy makeup.

Glimmer, metallic, and shimmer are all equally old

Some people just love color. We love metallics, shiny, and shimmery. These are things that young women could do. As you age, these things actually make you look older.

Our skin gets looser as we age, particularly around the eyes. This means that brightly colored makeup, especially heavy ones, can cause fine lines and wrinkles to appear more prominent. They can make you look old and stale, as if we’re in the 1980s.

Too Much Mascara

Do you recognize those crow’s feet? Perhaps you are proud of them. You should. All of us should. It’s a privilege to age. Does that mean your makeup should highlight your crows feet? It is more likely that you don’t.

Exercising mascara too often can make your lines stand out, which can lead to you looking older. Remember that your magnifying glass is your friend when applying mascara. This will allow you to see if your mascara has become thick or clumpy.

Lip Liners

In the 1980s, lip liner was an essential item in every makeup bag. Remember? You could always make your lips look three shades darker than the lipstick and it was very defined. However, it was 40 years ago and using this kind of lipliner will make your face look older. It will highlight the lines that naturally appear with age around your lips. You should not rely on the makeup that worked years ago. Makeup must be updated to reflect natural aging.

Intensely colored lipstick

As I mentioned, my grandmother wore brightest lipsticks. Didn’t yours? You can look just like your grandmother by choosing the same lipstick shade as her. Lipsticks that are bright and intense will highlight the lines of your lips. It will also be noticed that our lips become thinner as we age and lose collagen. These are two reasons you should stay away from lipsticks that are too intense if your goal is to look young.

Brightly colored eye shadow

I love color. Bright colors are my favorite. You agree that bright colors are happy colors. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to apply them on your face. Anywhere. We are not talking about your lips, but your eyes.

Bright colors, which were once vibrant and fun, only accentuate the natural aging process of our skin. They also draw attention to the fine lines and wrinkles that make us appear older. Bottom line: Anything bright and bold on your face will make you look older.