Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to White Sneakers?

Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to White Sneakers?

24.08.2022 Off By manager_1

The white sneaker is the hottest thing in men’s fashion at the moment. Are they timeless or are they out of fashion?

White sneakers have been a popular choice since the days of canvas plimsolls and the more outrageous sneaker collaborations in the 2010s. The court-style white sneaker has been a popular choice over the past few years.

Plain white sneakers are now acceptable as a smart casual option. It’s now common for men to wear them with suits and blazers. You will see Converse x PLAY Comme Des Garcons and Common Projects white on men’s shoes everywhere you go, from boardrooms all the way to the beach.

Is it excessive? Is it possible to lose our sense of decorum in footwear? Are we letting the white sneaker rule when they should be reserved only for sporting events? Are white sneakers passé?

Aboutfash sat down with stylish men around the world to get their opinions on whether we should ditch white sneakers. We got some great style tips as well as mixed reactions.

“Synthetic-lined sneakers may be too much for some people… but white sneakers are timeless classics,” Jeff Lack, Byron Bay-based fashion stylist and expert on men’s fashion, tells us. “It’s not easy to style them with all the different options available today. I don’t like waste so don’t throw them away. Instead, keep them ‘on ice’ until you have an occasion.”

Tony Logan, a Baltimore-born fashion journalist and personal stylist (a.k.a Tony Thrifts), is more certain about white sneakers’ enduring appeal. He says, “I believe white sneakers will always remain a safe bet due to how versatile they are… You can dress them up with a pair of tailored chinos or down with crisp denim.”

Logan says that white sneakers are often worn by men who choose pants that do not match their shoes.

“I’m aware that loose, baggy-fit jeans have made a comeback, but I think white sneakers look best when paired up with tailored-fit trousers.” He says he loves it when his jeans or pants reach slightly above my ankle, where my socks are exposed.

“Nothing hurts me more than someone who wears a great sneaker, but it’s paired with baggy jeans or trousers.” Tony Logan

People make the most common mistake of not cleaning their white sneakers – a problem Rizwan Malik, a Toronto TV personality and style expert, is passionate about. “Personallly, I believe you cannot go wrong with a CLEAN pair white sneakers to complement any look. They’re very relevant, trendy and still in style.” He says they have a strong look that is especially appealing “during the summer and shoulder seasons.”

You want your sneaker to look fresh. They should be cleaned, whitened, and wiped down regularly. Jeff explains that white sneakers are a common mistake made by men. This could be why we feel like the trend is on our noses. The smarter the white sneaker, the better. With casual outfits, this can make the sneaker look boring.

You can also experiment with shoes with embellishments such as Primabase, Von-Routte or CLAE for casual outfits. If you are on a trust fund, it’s difficult to beat Nike Air Force Ones at the entry level and Common Projects.

Tony supports the Nike Air Force Ones classics as well: “Most people’s first step into sneakers is with a pair of Nike Air Force Ones. They are stylish and can be paired with any outfit.”

Rizwan said that Veja is his current go-to brand. Veja shoes are a vegan leather sneaker that can be worn year round. They are my favorite sneaker, and I have six of them!

You can also wear other casual shoes, or even other colours, if your taste isn’t for white sneakers.

Jeff suggests that while he would still recommend sneakers, he suggests that you try out a different colour such as off-white or cream or pink. “New Balance has a collab every day. So check those out as alternatives to plain white. He points out that dark-coloured sneakers are difficult to style.”

Rizwan recommends some TOD’s loafers and TOMS espadrilles. “They’re as comfortable as sneakers, and complete an outfit just as well,” he said.

These are three alternatives if all-white sneakers don’t appeal to you. Tony recommends the Adidas Gazelle core white and stripe sneaker, then the New Balance 993, which is white and grey, and finally the Nike Air Max 90Infrared.