Our top hair oil picks to grow and restore healthy, shiny hair

Our top hair oil picks to grow and restore healthy, shiny hair

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You can use hair oils to both style your hair and treat it. Many of the top hair oils are dual-purpose. You can massage the oils into your scalp and roots, and let them work for a few hours or overnight. Some are used to smoothen dry hair, giving it radiance and protection. To give your hair a smooth finish, apply them to damp hair after washing.

You might be surprised at how often oiling your hair is something you haven’t considered. Oils can be beneficial for all hair types, even those with a tendency to get greasy and limp.

All hair oils promote shine, hydration and softness. The oil’s fatty acids strengthen hair shafts and prevent splits. They can also seal and smoothen rough cuticles. Oil coverage protects hair from damage due to heat and pollution. It also retains moisture within the hair cells.

There are two types of hair oils: liquid and spray.

What is hair oil?

Natural oils are almost always used in hair, including castor, coconut, and macadamia. Sometimes, stronger chemicals may be used such as alcohol, chemical perfumes, or sulphates.

Do you use hair oil on dry or wet hair?


How often should hair oil used?

According to hairstylists, you should wash your hair once a week for a deep-oil treatment. However, you can use oil to style your hair to reduce flyaway hairs and add shine.

Are there different hair oils?

Absolutely. Hair oil can be used even on hair that is very greasy. It’s all about finding the right product and being cautious with how much. Oils are available for all hair types, including afro hair and hair that has been bleached, damaged by heat, or for hair extensions. They also work well for sensitive scalps.

Is there anything negative about using hair oil?

There are two problems with styling oil: if you use too much and your hair becomes greasy, or if the oil is used to deep-root treat your hair and you don’t wash it properly. It will make your hair look and feel greasy and can also cause heat damage on hot days.

Oil can make hair look super oily?

You can, if you are not careful about the amount. When you first start oiling your hair, it can be difficult to know how much to use. Thinner hair might only require a small amount of oil while thicker hair might need more. Start with a little oil and work your way up. You can add more, but you cannot take it off once it’s there.

1. Champo Weightless hair oil: Ideal for styling on the go

This oil is made with jojoba, olive oils and other botanical ingredients. It smells like cut grass and lemons.

The ‘dropper bottle’ is small enough to fit in any handbag. This product is ideal for styling on the go. It can be used to control flyaway hairs and smoothen any splitting or frizzing. You can instantly feel your hair behave by using two drops of this product on your palms. It’s basically a hair-care routine in a bottle.

2. Hair & Scalp Nourishing oil: Ideal for sensitive and flaky scalps

This product is not intended to be used as a styling product but a treatment. It has a strong, botanical scent thanks to key ingredients like lavender, rosemary, and sage.

Although the bottle says “a little bit”, it took me three to four palms of oil to cover my entire scalp. The scalp feels cool and soothed immediately after application. An overnight treatment will provide relief for those with itchy scalps and chemical burns such as bleach.

The oil was easily washed out and there was no greasy residue on the dry, clean hair. This gives you shine and silky hair.

3. Ogx Coconut Miracle oil Extra Strength Penetrating Oleo: The best value for money

This oil is meant to be used on damp hair. It is primarily coconut oil mixed with vanilla bean and other natural essences, as its name implies.

Use a small amount of oil between your palms to smoothen damp hair. You might need more if your hair’s particularly dry or thick. You might also apply oil to your hair if it is naturally greasy or fine.

It smells amazing – and very strong. Expect to get compliments on your new perfume.

4. Halle Wonder Oil: Great for hair extensions, wigs and weaves

This product is suitable for natural hair but it’s also great for extensions and wigs. This product is scented with argan oil and seaberry oil. It’s a delight to use.

Apply four pumps of the oil to towel-dried hair. The shine is instant. It feels soft and shiny without any flyaways. This kind of care will make your extensions last longer and look better.

5. HoliRoots hair oil: Ideal for luxurious pampering

This oil can be used weekly to treat dry hair. It can be left on for up to one hour.

It smells amazing – imagine tropical and sweet with a deep, rich fragrance made with natural ingredients like castor oil. The Holiroots line is free from parabens and sulphates, as well as animal-derived ingredients.

This is meant to be used as a ritual. It’s not intended to be a quick fix. Apply a few drops to the scalp before you go to bed. You’ll have silky, soft hair the next morning after washing off shampoo.