“It was a big mistake”. Bob Mackie shared his thoughts on Kim Kardashian’s dress for Met Gala

“It was a big mistake”. Bob Mackie shared his thoughts on Kim Kardashian’s dress for Met Gala

20.05.2022 Off By manager_1

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The internet has been abuzz ever since Kim Kardashian walked on the Met Gala red carpet wearing Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy birthday Mr. President” gown. While some loved the moment, it was a callback to American fashion history and the culmination of Kardashian’s meteoric rise from Met Gala outcast into star of the show. However, many others were disappointed by the dress choice of reality star Kim Kardashian.

The dress didn’t match the Gala’s theme and lacked the originality Kardashian brought to it in recent years. But, most importantly, many felt that Kardashian was disrespectful not only to the garment but also to Monroe’s legacy. Many costume historians and conservationists strongly believe that a dress such as that should not be worn on the red carpet. Everyone has voiced their opinions. Bob Mackie, the legendary designer, is now joining the discussion.

While Twitter trolls might think that their views are the only valid ones in this Kardashian-Monroe debate (although they may be right), Mackie has the largest stake in the matter. In fact, the designer actually sketched the original gown when he was an assistant to Jean Louis in 1962. (Mackie would go on his own later in life to design for Cher, Diana Ross and other legendary designers). The dress is still in public conversation sixty years later, but Mackie isn’t happy about it.

Entertainment Weekly reported that the designer said, “I thought it was an enormous mistake.” Mackie was only 23 when he created the original sketch of the dress. He claimed that he wasn’t sure where the dress would go, but that he knew it was for Monroe. He said, “She was just amazing.” “No one photographs like that.”

Mackie said that the dress was “designed for her.” Mackie said that nobody should wear that dress. But he is also concerned about the garment as well as Monroe’s legacy. EW reports that the designer was concerned about the “undoubtably harmful” effect the piece had on its structural integrity and preservation, as well as many others. Alicia Malone, hostess of Turner Classic Movies, added her voice, saying that even oxygen could have an impact on the dress.

She said, “Usually these outfits are kept very closely in controlled environments and that is what we see with the Met.” The Costume Institute is very careful with historic items. It was therefore quite shocking that she was allowed to wear it.

“I wish she wore the replica.” Kardashian was seen in the replica dress immediately after she walked the red carpet. However, she was still wearing the original. The dress will forever be changed both ideologically and physically.

Malone stated, “Now, Kim will tie that dress as Marilyn is.” “So it will be the Marilyn Monroe gown that Kim Kardashian wore to the Met Gala.”