How to Wear Your Boyfriend’s Clothes as a Woman

How to Wear Your Boyfriend’s Clothes as a Woman

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Do you feel bored with your current wardrobe. You may feel “stuck” in your daily outfits every now and again. There’s a great solution, even if it is not obvious, that you might want to consider: mix and match menswear with your everyday outfits! You may wonder how to style men’s clothes for women. However, the men’s section is often a treasure trove of styling options!

For this post, we borrowed a few items from men’s closet in true “borrow from boys” fashion. Here are some ways you can look feminine and classic while wearing men’s clothes.

How to wear men’s clothes as a woman

1. Oversized blazer for men

The first piece we see most often on runways and in shops is the oversized blazer. A great blazer, one of those timeless styles that never goes out of fashion, is a versatile piece you can style in many ways.

A longer hem on menswear blazers can often create the perfect fit for modern, chic blazer dresses. For a complete look, add a belt to give it some shape. You can also wear tights and flats with this look. Although the husband’s blazer was not large enough to wear as a dress, it can be combined with leggings or ankle boots for a great look. We will be looking out for a larger version of this blazer in the future.

How to wear it as an adult: Larger men’s outerwear can easily be transformed into more feminine clothes by adding a belt at the waist. Pair it with more feminine and streamlined options such as skinny jeans, tights and/or high heels for the perfect balance between style and elegance.

2. Men’s piece: sweaters

The next tip is a tried-and-true for French women. A sweater from the men’s section is a great choice. It hits all the right knitwear notes. These sweaters are often of higher quality and have a perfect, casual fit.

A men’s sweater is a great layering piece. Choose a neutral-colored sweater and make sure you choose a size that fits well. This is a good rule of thumb. If you are a medium-sized man, you should go for a small in men’s clothing.

Learn how to wear it as a woman: The art of the tuck! You’ll notice a common theme: Men’s pieces look better when they have a little bit of waist-defining action. You can achieve the perfect look with a front tuck or full-tuck. You can even wear a sweater with over-the-knee boots if it’s too large or long.

3. White button down for men’s pieces

A white button down is our favorite. It’s even more appealing when it is slightly larger. It looks great paired with slim-fitting jeans.

You can wear it as a lady: Just lean into the imperfect look. This top is feminine with a touch of masculinity.

4. Men’s pieces: White button down + suspenders

The same top as the outfit combination above, but this time with one of my favorite secret accessories: Suspenders! Although the suspenders are now mine and for women they were originally made for men!

To wear as a lady: Keep your men’s clothing to two items, to maintain the feminine appeal.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a boy to borrow your clothes from. You don’t have to shop in men’s clothing. You can also thrift in men’s sections. Or you can wear pieces made by women that are traditionally considered menswear, such as a tweed jacket, fedora cap, or suspenders.

Other things we don’t see that are shown here, but that we think would be great to play with include wool newsboy hats and ties in two-piece sets.