Hat types and hat etiquette

Hat types and hat etiquette

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Men were seldom seen without a hat on their heads until the 1950s. The wearing of hats has been in decline since then. It is not clear why. Many believe that JFK didn’t wear a hat at his inauguration. This led to hats being considered uncool. However, this urban legend is false as Kennedy actually wore a hat on that day. Another theory is that wearing a cap while driving was impossible due to the smaller cars. The changing styles and the continuing trend toward a more casual look can be attributed to the decline of hats.

The hat is due for a complete revival. They can be both stylish and functional. They can be used to cover bad hair days, keep your head warm and protect your eyes from the sunlight. You can also wear them to cover a receding baldness. This is, interestingly, why Frank Sinatra started wearing one. You can add a unique touch to your outfits by adding hats to give it a classy and sophisticated look. Hats can boost confidence. You can make a cool hat your signature item and add some style to your look.

While men still wear hats today, they tend to be confined to the more feisty baseball caps, hippie beanie caps or the almost extinct trucker cap. These headpieces are fine, however there are many other options. Mix and match these hat options.

The Flat Cap

Flat caps have a round shape, a low brim and a high back. The flat cap is a classic style that has been associated with working-class men in the UK. It can add elegance to casual wear. These caps can make your t-shirt and jeans look more stylish. The more masculine flat cap is better than the rounder, puffier newsboy cap. This cap has almost been co-opted entirely by women.

The Fedora

Once considered a must-have accessory for formal and business attire, fedoras were a common choice for men who went out in public. A fedora was once a fashion statement, but is now considered a trendsetting accessory. Fedoras can be softened from felt and creased down the crown. They are pinched on both ends.

A fedora cannot be worn with jeans and a shirt. These accessories are best used as an accent in more formal outfits. Dressing up is worth the effort. Fedoras can make you appear mysterious and manly. Fedoras were worn by Prohibition-era gangsters and almost all the movie stars of 1940s and Old Blue Eyes. They give you a manly and luminous heritage.

The Porkpie

This hat was named for its similarity to a pork pie. It has a flat crown instead of a pinched crown. The brim is shorter and more pointed. This hat is associated with jazz, blues and ska music, but it was also worn by Robert Oppenheimer (father of the atom bomb).

The Homburg

Another hat that is similar to the fedora is the Homburg. The Homburg’s brim is wider than the fedora’s and is shaped all around. A hatband may be used to attach a feather. The Homburg was more casual than a top-hat and more formal than a fedora. It was used by diplomats and politicians in the 20th century. The Homburg was beloved by the Godfather, and revived by Tupac and Snoop Dogg, it now has a distinct gangster flavour.


Bowlers are made of felt and hard with very short brims. The bowler is a British icon but was also a part of American urban culture in the 19th century. The Plug Uglies were one of many gangs that walked the streets of New York City at the time. The Uglies never wore their bowler caps, which they used as both their signature piece and to protect themselves from rival gangs.

Wearing a Hat

Hats can bring you effortless cool and manly confidence. Frank Sinatra was the greatest fan of hats and wore them more than anyone else. Frank was always playing with the idea that he could tilt his hat or angling it to express different emotions. This is how Frank was wearing his hat:

  1. To appear more open and accessible, wear your hat lower than usual
  2. To appear mysterious and intimidating, tilt your head over your eyes.
  3. To project an all-business attitude, tilt your head 1 inch above the ground.

Hat Etiquette

You must accept responsibility for hat etiquette when you make the hat your signature piece. Hat etiquette is often overlooked. It will demonstrate that you are unique beyond your choice of headwear.

  1. When you enter an elevator, restaurant or someone’s house, take off your hat immediately. Your hat should never be worn during a meal.
  2. When greeting a friend, lightly touch the brim of your cap.
  3. When you meet a female friend, raise the hat by putting the crown on it.
  4. Take off your hat during national anthem, and place it on your heart.