Meet Brontouring: A combination of Tanning and Contouring

Meet Brontouring: A combination of Tanning and Contouring

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woman with brown eyes and brown eyes

Brontouring is a two-in-one makeup technique that will give you a “back-from-the-beach” tanned effect, while sculpting your face in just a few brushstrokes.

This makeup trend has been viewed over a million times on TikTok. It shows how to create a natural sunbathing effect on your face without having to expose yourself to UV rays for hours. This clever technique will help you shape your face in a flattering manner.

It is possible to use the “contouring”, but with sun powder. Traditional contouring products have a matte texture and cool undertones. This is because they simulate shadow in certain areas. Bronzing powders, however, are made with warm undertones, and sometimes shimmering particles that “illuminate” skin. Combining these two products can give you a radiant glow. However, the end result will look elegant and sophisticated.

A bronzed, sculpted complexion

These are the steps to achieve this “sculpted and chiseled but also tanned” summer look.

  1. Use a foundation brush to apply a powder or cream bronzer in a “neutral” color that is barely darker than your skin’s natural tone.
  2. Apply the product to the forehead and blend it towards your hairline. Instead of drawing contours in the hollow of your cheeks, you can move up to the temple by moving on top of the cheekbone.
  3. Slide over the mandibular and bridge lines, then the lips contours.
  4. Clear powder is the best way to make sure your look lasts all day.

This technique can be used to brighten your skin and keep it “bronzed”. Mario Dedivanovic (Kim Kardashian’s resident make-up artist and contouring king) endorsed the tip in the comments below Victoria Lyn’s post. To your brushes!