Why celebrity couples wear matching nail art?

Why celebrity couples wear matching nail art?

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Every celebrity couple experiences three stages in their relationship: The potential couple is seen canoodling at a restaurant, event or bar, while the other half soft launches the relationship via Instagram. Finally, the couple makes their red carpet debut to confirm that they are together.

Hollywood couples are taking their relationship to the next level by using matching nail art.

“It’s a nostalgic, late-’90s flashback,” says Julie Kandalec a celebrity manicurist who founded Julie K Nail Artelier, New York City’s premier salon for couples manicures. You would keep your name secret if you had a crush on someone, but didn’t want anyone to know. Couples are now showing their love down to their finger tips. According to the nail artist, the popularity of manicures is also due to the recent rise in male nail art.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly shared their love before they were married. They wore coordinating manicures to commemorate their union. Brittney Boyce (celebrity nail artist, founder of Nails of LA) created chrome nail art designs to celebrate their January 2022 engagement.

Kim Kardashian’s latest manicure is a subtle nod to Pete Davidson. The couple has always been close and shared a love for manicures. Fox and MGK also displayed matching nail art inspired from the song “My Bloody Valentine” by the musician. This video fueled rumors about the couple. They even took romantic baths with coordinating manicures.

You might think that Fox and MGK are attached at their hips, but in reality they are attached at their nails — literally. They arrived at the launch party for UN/DN LAQR nail varnish brand by MGK in December 2021 chained together with their nails. Both had bubble pink manicures.

Travis Barker, MGK’s friend and collaborator, and Kourtney Kardashian, wife of MGK are both fans of the manicure. To the 2022 Met Gala, the newlyweds wore nails art that featured their initials in Old English script. Kim Truong did Kardashian’s manicure, while Naomi Yasuda created Barker’s.

J.Lo also wore her heart on her nails, using a manicure similar to celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik. The French tips of the star were accented by gold hearts on her pinky and index fingers and Ben Affleck’s initials as her ring finger.

If Old English letters don’t appeal to you, there are always the rhinestones. Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were confirmed to be a couple after several soft launches on Instagram and dinners in Staten Island. SKIMS founder Kim Kardashian shared a photo of her long, coffin-shaped hot pink nails and a shiny silver “P” embellishment on her right finger.