Everything we know about Ciara’s skin-care line that’s full of goodies

Everything we know about Ciara’s skin-care line that’s full of goodies

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Ciara sees her body as a luxury sports car. Maybe she sees herself in a sleek Porsche 911, perhaps in black, or a Bugatti. I don’t know. I don’t like cars. The multihyphenate, whatever it is, often wonders, “What fuel am I putting into that car?” I hear her tell me this over Zoom. “I want this engine to run smoothly. I want to live a healthy, balanced life.”

Ciara is a huge fan of premium fuel, and even clinical skin-care products. Ciara has launched her own skin-care brand, On A Mission. This will make it as simple as possible to obtain and use the best fuel for your complexion. She says, “I had a vision of things that were important to my to check off on the list of things I wanted to do.” “This was one of them.”

I am curious to find out what other items are on her list. Ciara shares her impressive list of achievements over the years, including writing a book and launching a perfume, starting her own fashion house, and owning a company that makes rum. She stops to observe that she finds it funny listing all the things she is doing. It all comes down to believing in yourself. “I always tell myself that I am a woman with ambition and a mission.” Her debut skin-care line was named OAM (pronounced O.A.M. ).

The Evolution of On A Mission

OAM was two and a quarter years history. But Ciara’s passion to create it goes back to when she became a household name. Ciara wasn’t very conscious of what she put on her face in the 2000s. Ciara admits that she would grab whatever “soap” or “lotion she had on hand and use it.” As she ages, Ciara realizes that not being conscious of what she puts on her skin is detrimental to her skin’s health and radiance.

Ciara sought out Yolonda Frederick Thompson, her skin-care specialist, to help her choose the right premium fuel for her complexion. Since Ciara was 16, the duo have been working together. Ciara shared that she is almost twice her age and she looks incredible. “She is the epitome what beauty looks and how to take care of yourself,” Ciara shares.

Frederick-Thompson introduced Ciara to the wonders and benefits of eye creams, as well as all the things she could do with the right products. Ciara has noticed a rise in confidence, particularly when she isn’t wearing makeup, as she becomes more involved in the products she uses on her skin.

Ciara says, “I used think that I was my most beautiful self when I had all the makeup on. But that’s not true. This is not how I live …. While I have many goals, it’s important that I love who I am and that I take care of myself even when I don’t have a lot.”

When OAM became a reality, Ciara knew that Frederick-Thompson would be there to support her. OAM’s advisory board, which helps distinguish the brand from other celebrity beauty ventures, was also created by Ciara. It’s rounded off by Tiffany Libby MD, a Rhode Island-based board certified dermatologist. JC Johnson is the CEO. He was a former Sally Beauty executive and holds a degree from MIT in biochemical engineering. Maha is a cosmetic chemist.

They collaborated with a team consisting of board-certified dermatologists who clinically tested the products on 96 women from every skin tone. Ciara states, “This is a truly missing piece in skincare today.” These products can be used on all skin types. We wanted to test them with every skin type.

OAM’s Daily Dose of Vitamin C

Ciara and her advisory group knew that vitamin C was the foundation of OAM’s first line. They expect OAM to deliver exactly what they have hoped for: “It helps protect. It corrects. It prevents,” Ciara says. Vitamin C is essential to have glowing skin.

Ciara is absolutely right. Patricia Wexler MD, a board-certified dermatologist, said that vitamin C helps in the skin’s natural healing process. It plumps, firms and smoothens the skin at once. Vitamin C has so many uses that it can also be used to prevent and diminish dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

OAM’s team started work on the Tri-C Pro-Peptide Complex. It contains three forms of vitamin C: L-ascorbic (the most common and well-researched in skin-care products), Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (a more stable and oil-soluble form), and sodium ascorbylphosphate (water-soluble, gentle), along with palmitoyl tripeptide-28 which is clearly a peptide. This ingredient is known for its collagen-boosting properties, which increase vitamin C’s skin-firming and line-smoothing abilities.

Ciara noticed a glow in her skin as soon as she began to test the products. She says that if you stick with it, you will see the transformation in your skin and how it levels up in all aspects.

I asked her how she chose the products that were infused with this complex. She said that she wanted to make it easy for everyone. Ciara said that she felt overwhelmed when trying to purchase products in the past. She was unsure where to begin and what to end with. Each product at OAM is numbered to cut down on guessing. Here’s a list of the products.

1: Wash
Vitamin C Hydrating Cleanser ($28)

This foaming, ultra-creamy cleanser is Ciara’s favorite. It has a light and fun texture that reminds of bubble beards I used to make when I was a child. It is so enjoyable that I find myself reaching for it every morning to wash my face, even though it’s not usually in my routine.

Ciara loves Vitamin C Hydrating Cleanser. It’s an easy one-step makeup remover that can be used even with a full-face. She says that she has used other cleansers and had to wash her face multiple times. This cleanser removes all makeup really well. This statement was even tested with my waterproof mascara, which the cleanser removed 95% of.

It’s just like all the other products in the line. The cleanser contains the vitamin C complex as well as the hydrating ingredients snow mushroom and hydrocoronic acid. This will keep your skin soft and smooth after you rinse it off. Jihan Forbes, Allure.com’s staff editors, can attest that this element is there. She noted that her skin did not feel squeaky or stripped after she used the cleanser.

2: Prep
Vitamin C Brightening pads ($28 for 60)

This OAM’s toner step can be used for your morning and evening routines. The jar contains thin, pre-soak round that feel cashmere when you slide them over your skin. They also smell like freshly-squeezed orange-juice juice.

These skin-care pads are smoother than I expected. The Tri-C Pro-Peptide Complex and retinol help to remove dead skin cells. Aegean Chan MD, a Santa Barbara-based dermatologist, said that Vitamin C and Retinol are not often combined in one product as they can cause skin irritation. Anti-inflammatory green tea prevents any flakiness and redness.

3: Rejuvenate
20% Vitamin C Brightening Serum ($62)

Ciara speaks like a mother and compares OAM’s Vitamin C line with breast milk. She says both are pure gold. She says that the serum went through 32 iterations before it was perfected to ensure that it didn’t irritate skin or have the right texture. The serum also contains the Tri-C Pro-Peptide Complex. It also includes bearberry leaf extract. This is known for its ability to soften and fade dark spots. Claire Wolinsky MD, a New York City-based dermatologist, told Allure.

As a vitamin C serum connoisseur, I was eager to see how this one matches up to my favorites: Holifrog’s Sunnyside C Glow Serum and SkinCeutical’s dermatologist-approved C E Ferulic. This is a great alternative to the $169 price of the former, which I must admit, it’s amazing. It delivers the same punch, but without the ham smell, instant orange oxidization and stickiness. This product truly makes skin appear brighter and even-toned.

OAM’s serum is, however, fragrance-free. However, I noticed a pleasant orange scent, which has stayed consistent so far. It feels more nourishing to the skin. Jihan and me noticed that the serum is similar to a dry oil. Jihan says that although the serum is very thin, it absorbs quickly.

Jihan was concerned that her sensitive skin might react negatively to such a high level of vitamin C in this product. She applied a thick cream as a barrier first. Although her skin felt fine after each use, she noted that people with sensitive skin may want to be cautious.

Vitamin C Eye Rejuvenator ($35)

Eye cream is something I avoid because it can cause irritation to my eyes. Ciara will tell you to use an eye cream in your skin-care routine. I am a convert to the Eye Revitalizer’s light creaminess. Sarah and I both love how hydrating it is and how fast it absorbs. Sarah said that it felt like my undereyes were slurping it up and I looked more awake. I personally can’t wait for the winter to use it when my eyes start to dry out. Jihan experienced some tingling around her eyes. It may help to patch-test this product if you have sensitive skin.

Ciara says that the Vitamin C Eye Revitalizer can also reduce dark circles. Marisa Garshick MD, a New York City-based dermatologist, can credit all the vitamin C, niacinamide and other ingredients for reducing “discoloration and skin redness” according to Ciara.

4: Moisturize
Vitamin C Radiance Moisturizer ($43)

Ciara states, “And then you need to seal it with moisturizer.” “That’s important. You need to moisturize the skin again.”

Sarah loves that this moisturizer comes with a pump. She says that she loves not having to wash her hands when scooping out product from a tub or jar.

Sarah also mentions that this formula is great for her skin. Radiance Moisturizer also contains emollient rich squalane and skin-strengthening Ceramides. Jihan says, “It left my skin with that deeply moisturizing feeling and made me look noticeably glowing.”

The moisturizer’s velvety texture is what really impressed me. This was something I haven’t experienced with any moisturizer other than Glass Lizzard Bouncy Balm. It’s great to apply it before bed. OAM’s Radiance Moisturizer is my favorite moisturizer for daytime because I barely feel it on my skin. Sarah uses it both in her morning and evening skin-care routines, as she doesn’t like thick moisturizers.

OAM’s Scorpio senses tell me that a richer formulation might be next on the OAM’s list for nighttime use. If you use these products during the day, it is important to finish your OAM routine with SPF. Some of these products contain retinol which can cause skin to become sensitive to sun exposure.

Caroline Chang MD is a Rhode Island dermatologist who is board-certified. “Retinol restores your skin’s normal balance and can cause your skin to become more prone to burning,” she said. Chang spoke previously to Allure. “This can be avoided by wearing sunscreen every day and using retinol. This is something that everyone should do.”

That was a lot of information. You’re probably ready to put all this goodness on your skin. All of On A Mission’s vitamin-C excellence will be available starting September 15 on individual orders starting at $28 to $62, and in bundles starting at $75 to $160 via oamskin.com.