Travel Capsule for Stylish Women Over 50

Travel Capsule for Stylish Women Over 50

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It’s clear that travel is not in many people’s plans right now. Most of us have accepted the reality that we won’t be able to travel to unknown destinations for long periods of time. But we still can make quick trips. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t think about it and plan for the future. As bleak as the past year has been, Covid will probably influence our lives for uncertain time.

We all began to think about the future and how we might be able to travel. We started to daydream about the places we wanted to travel and the adventures we would like to have. It made us think back to the best trips we have taken in the past. Although we don’t know how many of you have cruised before, and if you will be able to understand how it ieaches you to appreciate the small spaces. It’s a joke even among cruise staff. With 4 people sharing a cabin and all of our luggage, it is hard to imagine how tight the rooms can be. It was actually quite nice that the bathroom on the ship is very spacious.

All this got us thinking about how packing and choosing what clothes to take can cause frustration. Comfort and functionality are important, but clothes for travel must still look good in vacation photos. You will need to pack your own luggage unless you’re traveling Downton Abbey style with a butler.

You Can Capsule Your Outfits!

A capsule wardrobe is a great way to save space and lighten your luggage while still looking fantastic. It’s a smart and simple way to travel with style versatility by creating clothing capsules. Once you understand how capsules work, it will be easy to design your style and function around them. You’ll have tons of options. You’ll also save space on your luggage for all your shopping! A capsule is a collection of 5-12 pieces that can be worn together. This will make it easier to decide what to wear.

  • Accessory are a great way of changing up your capsule. They don’t take up much space so have some fun!
  • You can also add swimwear, workout wear and coats, as well as gloves, depending on where you are going or the weather.
  • To increase your options, you may add a dress to the mix. However, it must be compatible with your jacket/cardigan.
  • Mixing is easier if you can find a similar color in the patterns. Bottoms in neutral colors such as black, navy or tan will go well with any outfit.
  • You should be able mix and match each piece with at least three other pieces in your wardrobe, except for accessories.

Tips for Capsule Travel Clothes For Women Over 50

  • Pack your clothes at least a week in advance of your trip

This allows you to plan your outfits and determine when you will wear them. Each outfit is a different day for some of us so we will keep track of them. This is key to not packing too much. Take a look at your itinerary and plan accordingly.

  • Do not take too much warm things

A cashmere wrap is the go-to piece for protecting against the chill. It is lightweight, packs well, keeps you warm even if you layer and doubles up as a modesty item that you can use to cover your shoulders while visiting sacred sites, cultural churches, or temples.

  • Think about hand-luggage

You will need a medium/large carry-on bag to hold your essentials, such as books, electronics, I.D. and other items that are taken to the cabin. A small crossbody bag can be used as your day bag for sightseeing trips. You can then leave the larger bag at the hotel and take only the essentials with you on your day out. You can carry twice as much in the smaller crossbody than you would with just your wallet.

  • Choose neutral shoes

Nice shoes will make your trip unforgettable. Taking too many shoes can be a burden on your luggage. Comfort is key! If you prefer neutral shades, choose nude. You can also add a pop of color to your neutral outfits. A wedge is the best option for heel-loving women. They can be worn with any type of clothing, including shorts and dresses. Gladiator Wedges and nude black walking wedges are great options. Flats may be more your style. Look for something that can transition easily from casual wear to evening dresses. The Vionic flat with the pointy toe is a great choice. It comes in a variety of colors and has space-saving features that will allow you to fit several pairs.

  • Choose things to feel cosy

Finally, make sure to choose clothes from your previous travels you enjoy wearing and are comfortable in. Consider what you would wear at home. As travellers, we like to have shawls, pashminas, or unique jewelry to keep a company. It saves space and makes it easy to take home. You can also wear it back home to remind you of your trip.