Co-washing is the Best Way to Wash Men’s hair

Co-washing is the Best Way to Wash Men’s hair

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Co-washing is something you may have heard about because you are either involved in a relationship with someone who spends a lot of time on hair-care forums or you have spent time reading hair-care forums. Co-washing is the hottest hair hack right now. It works and keeps you away from shampoo.

A perfect world would only allow you to shampoo your hair once a week (or less), as too much can dry your hair and scalp. Some men may be shocked to learn that shampooing your hair every other day is not a good idea. You can also flush out most of the oil and grime using water and a quick massage. A second or third-day spray of dry shampoo can be enough to absorb any grease and give your hair an extra lift.

Sometimes, you just need your hair to feel and smell good. Perhaps every time you shampoo. Consider co-washing.

Shampoo can be replaced by conditioner

Co-washing refers to conditioner-washing. Conditioner acts as shampoo. Although it’s not new, many people are still using this method. It’s simple to use a good deal of the stuff and get to work, from roots to scalp.

Co-washing works by conditioning your hair and surrounding areas. Conditioner also helps to remove excess dirt and buildup. Although shampoos can do this faster and more powerfully than conditioner, it’s not the main point. Conditioners are gentler and less drying. To get the hair-nourishing and grime-clearing benefits of conditioner, some people will “co-wash” their hair every day. This is a gentler way to wash my hair than I prefer, but it can be beneficial for friends with coarser hair.

When I’m in a co-washing routine, it is usually every other day or twice a week. I adjust the frequency according to my hair’s needs. You can choose your own rhythm.

Shampooing when…

Although I love co-washing and think it is a great foundation for hair care I like to keep a few shampoos on hand for special occasions. First, when I sweat a lot, I wash my hair well. I’m not talking about a trip to the gym. It’s more like two nights camping and fires.

If I have to use a specific shampoo, I will. It can be used for hair flakes, dyed hair, or any other situation that requires it. First, make sure that the conditioner you use is not capable of delivering similar results. There are many shampoos that claim to target hair loss or increase hair volume. However, there is usually a conditioner that can do the same thing and does it better.

Co-washing conditioners that work

These conditioners are my favourite for daily and every-other day use, especially if they’re used as a complete shampoo substitute.

  • Co-wash hairstory / Shampoo alternative $40 Hairstory

Although it is called a “dedicated co-wash”, this really means that it is a solid conditioner.

  • Hemp conditioner and suave tea tree $3 CVS

Co-washing can be expensive because you need to use a lot conditioner. Many people search for affordable products that smell good. The tea tree Suave smells strangely delicious for only $3.

  • Kiehl’s volumizing conditioning rinse $20 Kiehl’s

Start here if you, like me, are always on the lookout for more coverage and volume.

  • Modern Mammals daily rinse $22

Many new brands offer non-shampoo shampoos that may work better than regular conditioners.