Victoria and David Beckham Share Skincare and Bags

Victoria and David Beckham Share Skincare and Bags

22.10.2021 Off By manager_1

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Couples who moisturize together stay together. Victoria Beckham and David Beckham have been couple goals already, but now that we know that the two share skincare, it is safe to say that their love for each other is off the charts.

In an interview, 47-year old fashion designer spoke out about her two-step skin care routine and revealed that her husband has taken her products. She said that she has noticed a significant improvement in her skin’s appearance since using these products. “David also uses it every day. We share skincare. Our pores are smaller and the lines around our eyes are less noticeable.”

Victoria’s Cell Rejuvenating Serum ($210), created in collaboration with Augustinus Bader (genius skincare innovator), is definitely an anti-aging powerhouse. But if you have been wondering why the 46-year old soccer star looks a little more bronzed lately, it could be because of the Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer ($145). It gives you a radiant, sun-kissed glow within five seconds.

She revealed that her husband does not wear makeup and doesn’t even use a tinted moisturizer. However, he will still wear Cell Repair Priming Moisturizer In Golden]because it feels good on the skin. It looks amazing. It doesn’t feel as if he is wearing any other than moisturizer.

The mom of four shared her love for Victoria Beckham Beauty with others. She stated that her husband, a former professional soccer player, is obsessed with the products in August 2020. This is not a new concept. David has trusted his wife for years with his skin, even before she launched her line in 2019. David stated that he used to take his wife’s products to groom, and that he was certain she had only the best formulas.

The duo share a skincare cabinet, but that’s not all they have in common. They also seem to like to share clothes, especially on vacation.

David always dresses. In September, Vogue UK was told by the fashion designer that David always dresses well. “He has a very polished look when we travel in Europe. I would love to have those pieces. It’s a shared bag.”

Beckham is so in love with her husband’s style that she even modelled her Spring/Summer 2022 show after his favorite look. The oversized chambray shirt looks like David with the loose-fitting pants and beautiful belt. She said, “You want to be that person.”