Described and Explained: The ending of Netflix’s Do Revenge

Described and Explained: The ending of Netflix’s Do Revenge

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Do Revenge is already a huge hit on Netflix, thanks to its star cast and highly-hyped plot. The teen drama was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film Strangers on a Train. In it, two strangers agree that they will kill the other person.

Do Revenge, a drama-comedy set in 2022 by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson and starring Stranger Thing’s Maya Hawke as well Riverdale’s Camila Mendes is directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson.

The storyline of this adaptation centers on Eleanor (high school student) and Drea (high school student), who seek revenge against Rosehill Country Day students. This is the latest twisty thriller from Netflix that has caught viewers’ attention. I Came By and Devil In Ohio are also big hits.

Do Revenge’s final scene features a plot twist that forces viewers to rethink the entire story. A new character, ‘Nosy Nora,’ is introduced. We are left with many questions after *that* shocking ending.

*Warning! Major Do Revenge spoilers ahead


Do Revenge’s ending sees Eleanor enlisted by Drea to get revenge on Max, her ex-boyfriend. Max leaked an explicit video to Drea’s classmates and it showed Eleanor as ‘Nosy Nora,’ a girl Drea bullied in her youth. Eleanor is now plotting to take revenge on Drea, and not being her ally. Eleanor reveals that she was a bit crazy after the revelation. “Sure. But, I’m a teenager girl. We’re psychopaths.”

Eleanor, who reveals her true intentions and Drea her thoughts, admits she thought about changing her mind. But after witnessing Drea crash the birthday party hosted by her classmates, Eleanor realized that Drea was the same mean girl she knew when she was 13.

After realizing that their revenge against one another is only a misery, they unite to defeat misogynistic Max. Eleanor captures Max admitting to having released the explicit video about Drea. This will eventually lead to Max’s downfall.

Producers had to nail the Do Revenge finale. They filmed it several times. Maya Hawke plays Eleanor, the daughter of Uma Therman, and Ethan Hawke. She told The Wrap, that they shot three versions of the reveal scene to ensure they had it right.

She explained that it was not clear in the film how the reveal would work.


Eleanor initially told Drea that Carissa, Eleanor’s ex-crush, betrayed her and made rumors about her sexual predator status. Drea was actually the one who spread the rumors, and gave Eleanor the cruel nickname of “Nosy Nora” when she was just 13. Drea didn’t even remember it.

A plot twist revealed that Eleanor was out to get Drea, presuming she was involved in Drea’s plan to vengeance against Max and encouraging Carissa to spike school food with magic mushrooms they found at the school farms.


Max, the real villain of the movie, is finally exposed for his poor behavior. Drea regrets her decision to call Eleanor ‘Nosy Nora” at the admissions party, and causes the other students to mock her. She then follows Eleanor’s lead to apologize.

Drea realizes that she has only been truly happy when she was with Eleanor during their respective revenge plans. Max, Drea’s ex-husband, is listening in. He threatens them both with new-found knowledge but also admits to exposing Drea in his furious speech. Eleanor captures the entire thing. The entire video is then shown to the whole party who turn against him. He then goes outside, falls to his knees, probably aware of his impending downfall.


As of the writing, there is no plan for a Do Revenge 2 sequel. Jennifer Robinson, the director, and the cast have not mentioned plans for another film. However, that doesn’t mean that a sequel is unlikely after the success of the first movie. This is especially due to the positive reaction from fans.

Netflix currently has the film at the top of its daily ranking. Do Revenge is also receiving positive reactions from viewers on social media.

One Twitter fan wrote, “Do revenge was perfect. 10/10, gaslight gatekeeper girlboss, obsess with Drea and Eleanor.”

Another user commented on social media, “Do revenge is amazing. Absolutely a powerhouse. Only criticism: Eleanor and Drea should have sex.”