Side Effects to Consider Before You Put on Make-up

Side Effects to Consider Before You Put on Make-up

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It is common to pass judgments on someone’s appearance. It is also normal for everyone to want to look good. It can be difficult to make yourself look good so that people don’t judge you or give you a bad rap. Not having a sharp look is a sign of untidy, or a poor personality in people’s minds. It is a status symbol that you are beautiful. To avoid being laughed at and judged by society, most people hide behind makeup. Although this race to look the best and most attractive is never ending, it can cause skin problems.

Is make-up bad for your health?

Skin problems can even be caused by daily makeup products. The makeup layer prevents oxygen and air from passing through, allowing pathogens to get into your skin. Most skin infections are more common in women than in men, as they tend to use more makeup products than men. Acnes are a common example of this. This causes a variety of problems, including blocked skin pores. The make-up may also contain chemicals that can cause problems, says Dr K Swaroop (Dermatologist at BHEL Hospital in Haridwar).

Side effects of wearing make-up
  1.  Pores get blocked- Regular use of make-up and long-term exposure to it can cause pores to become blocked. Acne and other skin problems can result. This is known as clogging pores.
  2.  Untimely Aging – Skin can develop wrinkles when it comes into direct sunlight after applying make up. It is important to protect the skin from sunburn. People who are prone to wearing make-up while out can show signs of premature aging. If the person doesn’t wash their make-up before going to bed, this can cause wrinkles too.
  3. Breakouts – A hormonal imbalance can cause breakouts. There are medications, poor diet, and other factors that can lead to hormonal imbalance. This can lead to more breakouts. People with acne-prone skin should avoid using make-up. Reducing the amount of makeup you use can improve your skin’s health and reduce the number of blackheads.
  4.  Allergy Reactions – The ingredients in make-up products can vary from one company to the next. Some products may be suitable for your skin while others might not. It is risky to change brands when it comes to skin care. The products may contain harmful chemicals that can worsen allergies. Itchy skin can result.
  5. Colour changes – Applying make-up repeatedly to your skin can cause serious damage. The natural colour of your skin can be affected if you sleep with makeup on. The skin is also affected by pollution, sun exposure and free radicals.
  6. Eye Infections – Makeup can be applied to the entire face, including your eyelids. Any foreign particles can cause eye irritation. Eye infection can occur because of the chemicals contained in make-products.
  7.  Cancer – Yes, even your makeup can cause cancer. One of the most common forms of cancer is skin cancer. There are very few chances of developing skin cancer from applying make-up. However, most good products are skin-friendly. If not cared for, ingredients can cause skin damage and lead to skin cancer.
What are the best times to avoid using make-up?

When applying make-up, there are two things you should remember. The first is to check the expiry dates of any products you use. Chemicals can have an adverse impact on your skin after expiry. Expired make-up can encourage bacterial growth, which can lead to skin infections.

Another is when you are working out. When you use make-up for workouts, your pores and glands open. This can lead to clogs that can cause irritation, blackheads, acne, and wrinkles. It is not recommended that you use make-up while working out or engaging in intense activities.

Tips to prevent side-effects from make-up
  • Choose the right product for you
  • Moisturize your skin regularly
  • Sunscreen is recommended for sunburn prevention when you go out
  • After applying make-up, clean the brushes
  • Before you go to bed, clean your make-up
  • Don’t share your make-up products with anyone

While make-up can help you look more beautiful in the eyes of others, it doesn’t reveal your personality or identity. Many people use make-up to appear more beautiful than ever and end up with skin problems. Wearing make-up can have many side-effects and disadvantages. Make sure you are aware of the potential side-effects and disadvantages of wearing make up.