Do You Need to Date For a Certain Time Before Getting Married?

Do You Need to Date For a Certain Time Before Getting Married?

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It’s 2021 and relationships can be of any kind. You can have a family, or avoid commitment. The beauty of modern relationships is that other people are out there looking for the same things as you.

It can be hard to not wait for an engagement, even though there is no one relationship like another. Make a Pinterest board with your wedding goals. As you look at wedding dresses in the window, what are your thoughts? Do you try to entice your partner into buying the wedding dress? You are not the only one.

We can’t help but wonder if there is a formula for when the best time is to get married. Is there a sweet spot where partners can become fiances? Continue reading to learn what experts have to say.

Here are some ways biology can play a role in our relationships

That feeling you get when you are dating someone new? It makes the world seem brighter, tastes better, and your life feels a lot more sweeter. That’s love! Is it? It’s hormones, as well as the release dopamine (and norepinephrine) that make you feel as if you’re at the top of the world when in love (via Healthline).

Imagine getting married to the first person who made you feel this way. You might regret it later when your feelings subside and you are no longer in the honeymoon phase. There is no “correct” time to be engaged. However, there are definitely wrong times.

Experts recommend that quality over quantity be prioritized

Experts advise not to rush into an engagement, regardless of how happy and content you are in your relationship. Ian Kerner, a licensed psychotherapist and couple’s therapist and author of “She Comes First,” recommends that you wait at least one to two years before getting engaged.

Kerner said that he has worked with many couples who have strong relationships. Kerner also shared his experience with The Knot. Kerner explained that they met and fell in love quickly, and then got to know each others’ friends and families. You want to see how you handle problems together. It’s about the variety of experiences that lead to compatibility, not the time. The longer you wait, the greater your chances of sharing these moments with your partner.

Experts also recommend that you consider the time it takes to be engaged and not the time spent dating. You don’t have to rush into getting married just because you are engaged.

Are you sure about marriage? You might consider a “forever engagement”

Experts explain that an engagement is a sign of intent to marry and not just a marriage. Many couples are now adopting a modern view of engagement. They call it “forever engagement”.

A variety of factors can lead to a person not wanting to marry: an exorbitant price, ethical dilemmas or a lack of interest. These reasons should not stop couples from getting engaged. Many consider it to be the most exciting part of a relationship. Some couples choose a “forever” engagement, which sounds exactly like it is: An engagement that doesn’t lead to a wedding.

Seven Days’ Leigh Bullock stated that Mike Avella and she have not been married for nine years, despite being engaged for more than nine years. “We have a wonderful relationship.” They have lots of fun together. She explained “he is my ideal partner and I can’t picture herself with anyone else. But neither of us feel the need to sign a legal document to close the deal.”