Eco-friendly Ways to Beat Mosquitos from Our Experts

Eco-friendly Ways to Beat Mosquitos from Our Experts

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It’s refreshing to be outside after a spring spent indoors. You can enjoy the outdoors by gardening, eating al fresco or relaxing. But mosquitos can ruin your enjoyment of it.

Once the temperature reaches 50 degrees F, these pesky insects begin to wake up (OK, hatch) from winter sleep.

Many people looking for mosquito control also care about environmental and health issues. Strong pesticides used to control mosquitoes can lead to unintended side effects, such as the death of pollinators and other insects that we would like to keep in our gardens. Spraying chemicals on our bodies is not an ideal way to feel. (At the worst, it can feel risky to spray chemicals all across us. At best, we just feel like we should shower as soon as possible.)

How can you reduce the mosquito population without spraying your body and yard with pesticides? It helps to stop the mosquito problem before they hatch.

How to stop mosquitoes breeding in your yard

These pesky critters don’t have to be defeated this summer, so use these chemical pellets to your advantage.

Many mosquitoes lay eggs in fall, and they remain dormant for the winter. They will hatch when water triggers them, such as after a rainfall or if formerly frozen areas are thawed by warmer weather.
These early-season mosquitoes will continue to breed and lay eggs throughout the warm months. They are constantly looking for water sources to lay eggs. This is why marshy and coastal areas are more susceptible to mosquitoes than more arid regions like the Southwest.

If you’re trying to tell uninvited guests that they are not welcome in your yard or home, you should make sure there is no stagnant water.

You can make your yard more inviting by removing the possibility that mosquitoes could use it as a maternity ward.

You can sprinkle mosquito bits on damp areas if you are unable to eliminate all of the water in your yard. These chemical-free pellets are free of BTI (or Bacillus Thuringiensis), which is a naturally occurring spore that produces toxins that target both the larvae and black flies as well as fungus gnats.

BTI is not harmful to other types of insects, such as bees, and can help you create a more welcoming environment for them in your yard.

Four mosquito control strategies that are safe for the environment and you

Even if your yard is not very dry, mosquitoes can still bite you. They want to be near us! It would be so sweet if it weren’t so irritating. These are some tips that can help.

1. Don’t let mosquitoes in

This defensive mesh netting is invincible against mosquitoes and other bugs.

An umbrella-attached mosquito net is a great way to prevent mosquitoes from getting in your yard. The highly-rated Dinhand version fits patio umbrellas from 7.5 to 11 feet in size. It has a zipper that allows for easy human entry and a rope to adjust its size according to the umbrella. The bottom is also weighted to ensure that it doesn’t blow up in the wind or let more small visitors in.

2. Blower them away

This creative solution is guaranteed to keep your cool.

A fan is one of the most effective and chemical-free methods to get rid of mosquitoes from your hair. Flying against the wind is like swimming against a current for the little blood suckers. They aren’t the most skilled flyers. A breeze can literally knock them off their feet.

The carbon dioxide that our bodies produce is also dispersed by wind, which attracts insects to us.

Your fan doesn’t have to be run at high speed to accomplish the task. It can be set to low speed and it will still work. The Vornado 660 fan is our favorite, and it disperses the air throughout entire rooms. This makes it a great option to keep little stinkers away.

3. Dress for success

This mesh fabric will keep you safe from unnecessary bites or stings.

You don’t want to add an extra layer of clothing to protect yourself from the heat. However, there are a few things that you can and should wear to keep you warm in warmer temperatures. First, mosquito stingers can penetrate thin fabrics such as spandex or gauze. Because mosquitoes are attracted by our body heat, dark colors retain heat better than light. If you plan to go outside, make sure your outfit is appropriate.

A bug-proof outer layer will protect you from any biting insects if you are really determined to keep your mouth shut.

4. Look at the moon

Although it is beautiful to see, the moon can be a major mosquito-producing agent in your yard.

Did you know that mosquitoes and werewolves share a few things in common? Both love the full moon. Although it may sound crazy, keep in mind the phases of each moon to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. Full moons bring more rain and tides which make it easier for mosquitoes to breed.
Do your skin a favor by staying indoors when the full moon is full.