“Emily in Paris” is the Great Inspiration to Get Dressed up Again

“Emily in Paris” is the Great Inspiration to Get Dressed up Again

28.12.2021 Off By manager_1

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We needed the brain candy that Emily in Paris provided during our quarantine. It was a riot of France, fashion and fun. It provided a great escape from the daily grind of making bread, reading TikTok and staring out of our windows. The first season gave us the urge to live next to a charming neighbor in Paris. Season two, which was drop on Wednesday, December 22, promises to provide us with plenty of outfit inspiration. We delved into Emily’s new Paris outfits to celebrate its premiere and also got a glimpse at a conversation between Patricia Field and Marylin Fitoussi, the costume designers of Netflix. Emily’s bold fashion choices and bold colors might be just what we need to inspire us to dress up again for the holidays and beyond.

Prints on Prints

Emily’s cheerful, positive outlook on life was a contrast to the seriousness of Parisians. Her loud, colorful style also stood out. Season Two of Emily’s season two is no exception. She is the queen of mixing prints and colors.

Fitoussi states that “part of the success of the first season was the freedom that the costume design allowed people to mix and match things as they pleased.” It showed them they could mix and match stripes and polka dots, and that they didn’t have to limit themselves.

Mixing prints can be a great way of keeping your outfit from becoming too serious. However, it is also a great way for you to mix and match colors.

Fitoussi says, “My trademark is eclecticism” and “mixing everything together.” “Emily is a strong person, and we’ll keep their costumes as strong this season.”

Our advice is to keep colors simple so they don’t clash with the patterns. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of mixing different prints with your color scheme. For a unique look, match your shoes, bag or hat exactly.

Go Big Or Go Home

Emily believes that the days of building outfits around one statement piece are gone.

Field says, “I have recently invented an expression that describes my reaction to costuming. It’s called ‘happy clothing’.” “We have found the perfect recipe for Emily’s last season, and color was a big part of that. These days, people love color and have a need for color.”

Fitoussi says, “Emily’s outfits may hurt your eyes, may not appeal to you, but they leave everyone indifferent.” “They loved or hated it, but they saw it and talked about it…We are sticking to her very eclectic and very colorful style with the prints that are absolutely everything that I love and that we continue to defend.”

Maximalist dressing is all about bold silhouettes and bright colors. You can choose complementary colors, such as Mindy’s purple top and shorts, or stick with a monochromic look that balances volume without sacrificing style. You can add fun accessories such as a hat or sunglasses in candy colors to spice up the basic look.

If in Doubt, Dress Up

Even if there aren’t many opportunities to dress up, there are still ways to add a few extra pieces to your morning coffee or grocery shopping trip. You don’t need to be a designer to look good.

Fitoussi states, “For Season Two I decided that my challenge would have been to combine a couture piece like Dior or Balmain with a young designer with a vintage item, with something you would buy at a store such as H&M or Zara.” Fitoussi says that everyone should be able to purchase something they love, depending on their financial resources. “Buy designer if you can, or just buy H&M.”

Slip on sneakers with a dress, wear heels with jeans and a tee, or add a pearly clutch to your favorite sweatshirt. Your outfit will look more coordinated if you keep it wrinkle-free and ensure there are no loose threads.

Only for Fun

Fashion has been very casual and practical in recent years. But, don’t be afraid of going in the opposite direction in 2022. Emily is an expert on finding joy in fashion for its beauty. We embrace the new year by dressing for fun.

Field says that fashion is fluid and that it reflects the times. Field says, “Fashion is fluid and fashion…reflects the time.” We try to avoid fashion trends during the show. Trends die young, I repeat it over and over. Trends get very tired very quickly.”

Wear the tiny purse you love because it has your favorite color. Or wear sheer socks with your platform sandals even though they will keep your feet warmer than usual. You don’t need to stick to one style. You can wear whatever makes you happy!

Field said, “When we aired Episode 1, I heard over-and-over that it was so much fun for Emily to be in Paris during the pandemic and that it helped lift people’s spirits.” Field says, “That has made my happy, and I hope the clothes in this season continue making our audience happy.”