Even if you’re not a Londoner, you can dress like the one

Even if you’re not a Londoner, you can dress like the one

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London has been a cultural melting-pot over the past ten years. This has resulted in a diverse range of fashionable men who have walked the streets of the city. Our insider knowledge will show you how to dress like a Londoner.

Londoners are open to wearing whatever they like, and no one will notice. These liberties don’t mean Londoners are reckless with their appearances. They have mastered many specialty looks. Men in this city are proud to be dapper and outlandish. This is a great example of how important confidence can be when it comes down to fashion.

New York was our last stop. Now hop onboard our digital private jet and find out how the Poms do it.

Savile Row Suits

Savile Row’s gent is known to frequent London’s tailoring strips for a tailored suit. He also goes to his local barbershop to get his hair cut. This London man knows that one suit is not enough. He prefers perfect-fit jackets in single and double-breast and doesn’t hesitate to add traditional accessories like a waistcoat and lapel pin.

This Londoner is a break from the dullness of greys and navies (and British weather) and loves patterned ties, coloured socks and leather monk shoes.

Urban Luxe Streetwear

The urban look is a throwback to Nineties hip hop. Londoners are mixing their once slender, comfortable look with luxurious, relaxed pieces for a modernized take. The muted colours are contrasted by macro-prints (think camouflage, cartoons), and textural accessories like badges, pins, and personalised logos.

How to dress like Londoners Casual bottoms are best – from joggers to basketball shorts – and sneakers in retro silhouettes are key to keeping the urban street vibe. Accessory are the most important investments. Leather totes and folio holders take pride of place under the arms, while matched with equally sophisticated headwear like felt hats, in natural colours, is felt hats.

The Sophisticated Sloanie

Sloane Square is one of London’s richest areas. A Sloanie is also known as a’sloanie’. This type of man is big on luxury brands. The best of King Road boutiques are displayed on his slim body like a walking model. The sophisticated sloanie does not show any excess. He chooses non-logo items to show his appreciation of the British wool, cashmere, and silk and British cuts.

The sloanie, when not attending black tie events in Chelsea, is in a constant state’smart casual’. This means that a morning cup of coffee will require some type of leather footwear. For example, tailored trousers (denim, chinos), and a structured jacket or coat. He is a master at coordinating. This includes tonal colour blocking with outerwear and knits, as well as matching his tan belt in light chestnut with slip-on leather loafers.

Eastside Black &. Leather Jackets

East London, the pioneers of punk rock, is still true to its anarchic roots. The lads in East London wear all-black with metallic hardware and leather. Today’s East London man isn’t content with the old style. He layers biker jackets with chunky zips, clips, and sharply cropped sleeves.

A key style tip for dressing like a Londoner is to wear crew-neck tees or roll neck sweaters. Plaid flannels, plaid flannels, and always-leather sneakers give you a Nineties Nirvana vibe. You can switch between ultra-comfortable creepers in patent, derby boots, or Dr Martens leather. The casual style of this off-duty model is a scoop beanie and reversed snap-back crown.

Heritage London Hipster

The hipster is a must-have in any style review. The trend-obsessed Londoner adopts a British heritage look. The heritage hipster, a quirky step up for Savile Row is a fanatic of tailoring and adopts silhouette references from past decades. Wide-legged trousers in wool post-war are a popular choice in the Twenties, Forties, and Seventies. Flat fronts with bold pinstripes can be found in high-waisted flatfronts.

Accessories make up the majority of the heritage theme. These include pocket watches, unusual bow ties, vintage briefcases, and vintage shortcases that balance out suspenders, straw fedoras and ribbon-trim vintage shirting with club necks. This look isn’t very colourful – it’s burgundy at best. But everything else, from the classic suit cuts to the button details, makes this one worth a study.
Browse the slideshow to view the top London men’s fashion brands, both old and new.

Burberry is the original creator of the trench coat. It doesn’t need any introduction. The brand’s latest collections combine block colours with tailoring and interesting prints, making it very London.

Paul Smith
The designer is another icon. He creates great off-the-rack suits, elegant floral shirts, and a wide range of custom jeans.

Astrid Andersen
This design brand is London’s answer for urban luxe. It offers premium casual wear with a sports-inspired aesthetic. The brand values comfortable shapes and satiny fabrics, as well as bold colours. Please use moderation.

Vivienne Westwood
VW, a fashion veteran, is responsible for introducing the punk look to fashion’s mainstream circles. You can find her work online, but you should still consider buying some of her heritage tartans or leathers to spice up your wardrobe.

Gieves &. Hawkes
Gieves &. is located at No.1 Savile Row. Hawkes has dressed some of the most wealthy and powerful people in London, from the Royal Dukes to the aristocratic. They make the most comfortable and custom-made suits for tailoring.

Reiss is a staple London brand that offers luxury at an affordable price. It has wool coats, slacks, and smart casual shirts that fit easily into modern men’s fashion. Look at their luggage.

Oliver Sweeney
Oliver Sweeney, a maker of luxury shirts and leather shoes, is a well-known artisanal brand. Both the Savile Row gent and the hipster wear their home-made shoes.

Tom Ford
A Tom Ford suit is a sought-after item in today’s fashion industry. His eyewear and perfume are also a must-have. This makes you a high-end Londoner, from scent to cloth.

Craig Green
Green is the talk of the town. His oversized silhouette, muted and patterned colors, and perfect mix of structured and sports looks make him the man to watch in the seasons ahead.

Mr. Hare
Established in 2008, Mr. Hare specializes in modern gentleman’s shoes. He creates a dress shoe that suits every man. Mr. Hare uses Italian leathers from Santa Croce sull arno, Italy. Come on.