Everything you need to know about fall 2022 fashion

Everything you need to know about fall 2022 fashion

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Mini skirts are back in fashion for winter, following the trend of last season. For a preppy touch, the short hemline will be going back to school. Tweeds, checks, and pleats will bring back memories of your primary school uniform. Are you worried about showing your legs? Paula shares this advice: “Plenty of women fear wearing shorter skirts as their age. You can look confident by wearing high-denier tights in black, or in an earthy tone. With a shorter hemline, you will feel more confident. The tights will give your legs a sleek silhouette and act as some of the most flattering shapewear.”

  1. Pleats: This look is fresh and directional and requires less effort than a gym kit. This style looks great in structured fabrics like wool and skims over the hips for a sleek look.
  2. Tweeds: The winter classic, nubby-tweeds are an easy way to get a grown up look. For a more grown-up take on short hemlines, team your tweed skirt and matching jacket.
  3. Checks: There are checks for every taste, from the Prince of Wales to the Houndstooth. Monochrome patterns can be combined with many block colors, making them the most versatile.


Blazers are a staple in many capsule wardrobes. This season, the blazer is big and has an oversized silhouette. Chanel, Acne, and Jil Sander showed shoulders so large they couldn’t fit through the doors. Balance is the key to Fall 2022 fashion trends. Many designers have chosen to wear strong upper bodies with fitted or sleek bottom halves underneath, to keep it from becoming overwhelming. When shopping for a blazer, it is important to take into account your body type.

Paula states, “A blazer can be worn both at work and at weekends to dress up for more formal events.” It’s crucial to ensure that your blazer fits correctly in order to get maximum wear. Cropped styles can make your proportions look disproportionate if you are tall. Longline lengths will enhance your figure, so look for something with a longer line. Petites will look great in shorter or cropped blazers that complement their proportions.

  1. Double-breasted blazer: This style is great for hourglass bodies. It will highlight your smallest parts of your waist and will fit well in your torso. Cropped blazers with low waisted pants and skirts can draw attention to your natural waist.
  2. A single breasted blazer: This blazer can be worn up or down. The fabric will drape over the hips and reach the waist. This style will balance out pear-shaped bodies by having structured shoulders.
  3. Open front: A blazer with an open front is best for those who have large chests or are overweight. It will fit in a flattering manner and draw the eye to the space between your lapels. This creates a slimmer window.


As we enter Fall, extreme knitwear is the new trend. The best scarves, jumpers and other knitted items are supersized this season. Molly Goddard, a British designer, teamed her signature tulle skirts and dresses with oversized fair isle and argyle knits. Louis Vuitton wore a monochrome knitted two-piece suit in which he wore head to toe wool.

Are you thinking about staying warm this winter? Paula shares this tip: “If your body is small, you can easily be overwhelmed by large styles. To balance your silhouette, avoid a maximalist knit. Instead, keep your bottom half neat by wearing some petite jeans. Belt bulky cardigans and jumpers to highlight your waist.”

  1. Sweater: Give your sweater a whole new dimension. When temperatures drop, look for large knits you can pull on and snuggle in. For a looser fit, size up in the style you love.
  2. Scarf: While a scarf is essential for winter, blankets are back in style. You can wrap them around your neck multiple times. You can also use blanket shapes to double as covers for your plane trip.
  3. Knitted skirts: When there is a chill in your air, knitted skirts are a cozy choice. They can be incorporated seamlessly into your wardrobe. To maximize your outfit options, choose a classic color like black, grey, or navy.


Fashion is all about extremes. While heightened hemlines were seen on the runway, there was plenty of fashion designers who went to great lengths with maxi dresses or skirts. On the runways of Chanel, Acne Burberry, Saint Laurent, and Burberry, you could see floor-sweeping styles.

Farrah May offers this advice if you are worried about this look becoming too overwhelming. “A muted and minimalist look is easy to create with a floor-length skirt or dress. You can achieve this look by selecting a slimmer, more figure-hugging skirt, and putting it together with simple, clean accessories such as leather mules, a plain tee and simple, clean accessories.”

  1. Maxi skirts: There are many options for maxi skirts. To balance your silhouette, wear a fitted top if you are going for the lower half. More fitted styles can be worn with looser tops.
  2. Maxi dress: The maxi dress is the most dramatic of the Fall 2022 fashion trends. Maxi dresses’ sweeping silhouette can be difficult to master. The key is the length. Look for maxi dresses that reach the ankle and have fitted tops to balance the fabric.
  3. Maxi knit: This dress is a cross between the extreme knit and maxi length trends. You can avoid feeling overwhelmed by a fitted or belted knit dress.


You can update your winter wardrobe with a new coat. The runways featured lots of brights, faux fur and fun patterns in many cuts and silhouettes. Although a more expensive investment piece, it can be difficult to decide which of the top coat trends 2022 will work best for you. Farrah May offers this advice: “Trends change, but a statement jacket will always win.” You can expect vivid colors, bold prints and fluffy faux furs. Bold outwear can instantly elevate an outfit that may otherwise be simple.

A cheerful coat is a good choice for daytime. Enjoy wearing the colors that you love from head to toe. Evenings are best when I wear outerwear in playful prints. This could be anything from a simple stripe to a youthful, kitsch gingham. You can simply pair a patterned coat and a monochrome outfit with the coat. You can embrace maximalism by choosing a bright color for your monochrome outfit.

  1. Faux fur: Soft faux fur coats and teddy-style coats make you feel as if you are hugging someone. Bottega Veneta’s belted, chubby fur was updated with seasonal embellishments. For quirky designs, check out faux fur brands like Shrimps and Charlotte Simone.
  2. The trench coat: A timeless style that should be in every woman’s wardrobe is the trench coat. Are you looking for a seasonal update to your classic trench coat? For those who want to maximize their waist, Dior showed versions with delicate floral details and corsetry while Givenchy showcased a dramatic floor-length cut. For a classic Burberry trench coat, you can always count on it being in fashion.
  3. Bright coats: These bright coats continue to be a statement color as dopamine-based fashion continues. Bright colors can be a great way of uplifting your mood and outfit on dull winter days. So why not switch boring blacks and grays for bright pinks, oranges or vivid blues?