5 Modest and Stylish Outfit Ideas For Family Photo

5 Modest and Stylish Outfit Ideas For Family Photo

03.11.2021 Off By manager_1

The holidays are coming up which means that we expect a lot more family photos to come. Families who do mini photoshoots for Christmas cards are always a joy to us. It is always adorable and a great way to look back! You can send greeting cards, but we urge you to have more photoshoots. These are special moments that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Here are some ideas for family photo outfits. Get together your partner, parents and children and begin planning your outfits. Here are five modest family photo outfits that you can wear to your family portraits if you feel stuck.

#1 You can slip into something comfortable

A slip dress or skirt can be worn to any event, and is a great piece for family photos. A midi length slip skirt is best, as it will be more modest. You can stick to neutrals, or add some color to your look by choosing a colored slip like the cerulean. The top that you pair your slip skirt with can be a little more creative. For this example, we chose a new tank with minimal cut-out details and some heels to add height. This outfit is perfect for any family greeting card.

#2 Close knit

Our next recommendation is for those who are feeling trendy. Knitwear, in particular, knit dresses, are elevated. This look is both cozy and sophisticated, and one we have found ourselves repeating several times this season. Comfort is the best thing about this new trend in knitwear. It’s possible to spend hours, literally speaking, getting the perfect shot without feeling stiff and uncomfortable. There are many knitwear options to choose from. You can find chic sets such as a matching cardigan, knit dress, or a ribbed knit top and coordinating midi skirt.

#3 Tailored to perfection

The location where you are taking your family photos will determine the outfit you wear. If you’re looking for something semi-formal we recommend a little casual suiting. The combination of a relaxed blazer with a casual pant looks professional without being too formal. It is important to choose pieces that aren’t too snug. Each piece should be comfortable and relaxed. You don’t even have to choose matching pieces! We like the mismatched look because it brings out the happy-go lucky vibes that a family photo should exude.

#4 Retro Touch

This look is a more formal option, but with a vintage-inspired twist. This outfit features a dark crewneck sweater with a tailored midi skirt. The belt and pearl earrings add a retro feel. To add that preppy touch, you can choose a Mary Jane shoe or a chunky loafer for your footwear. You can also modify the look by swapping the skirt for high-waisted pants. This vintage look would be great for family photos if it was shared with the entire family.

#5 Simplicity at it’s Best

Last but not the least, we would suggest that you choose something simple and clean for your family portraits. A classic pair of jeans is a must-have. This outfit was made up of a simple, medium-wash pair of bootleg jeans and a solid gray sweater. Although you could dress it up with jewelry, a belt or red lips, the overall look is charming and unassuming. You can also dress your whole family in jeans to make it fun and coordinate.