Fashion search for eco-friendly fabrics is succeeding more and more

Fashion search for eco-friendly fabrics is succeeding more and more

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The textile industry is always changing. The fashion industry is a major source of pollution. This is why the debate over sustainable and environmentally-friendly textiles is ongoing, particularly in the area of developing new yarns. The Made in Italy “brand” is making its presence felt in the world of sustainable fine fabrics. There are many companies and start-ups that produce 100% sustainable Italian fabrics.


Many projects and studies are being conducted around the globe to develop sustainable fabrics. These are artificial fabrics that use a variety of plant or food waste as their raw material. They are made from many sustainable Italian fabrics and are used by many international companies.

Stella McCartney, a pioneer in sustainable fashion, introduced a line of jeans made from sustainable Italian fabrics. It’s an organic stretch cotton that is free of microplastics, completely compostable and coloured with a top dye that reduces water use and chemicals.

Orange Fiber is another example, which is internationally recognized for its 100% Italian sustainable fabric. The brand is the inventor of the first fabric made with citrus fruits, as the name implies. Combining two of the best aspects of our peninsula, fine fabrics and high-quality agriculture, a light, soft fabric was created. It uses cellulose from citrus pulp residue, which is the leftover product after the extraction process of orange juice.

Vegea Srl, another company, is also involved in the creation of an eco-friendly and vegetable-based leather called WineLeather. This leather was created from the recycling of approximately 13 million tonnes of grape pomace per year, which is a waste product from wine production.

The Global Chance Award was awarded to the two citrus fabrics and the wine leather by H&M. This is a highly prestigious award given each year to five innovative businesses in the fashion and textile industry.


A fabric made of marble dust is one of the most recent innovations of recent times. Mare/Morea, a sustainable fabric, is made from marble waste. This pure material can be mixed with synthetic components to create a waterproof, strong and lightweight coating.

Many other companies are also researching new materials to create sustainable, environmentally-friendly fabrics. However, they do not sacrifice the softness and quality of the fabrics. Made in Italy has once again been recognized as a leader in the sector, with innovative and well-recognized projects that can bring about real environmental change.