Finding the perfect first suit is possible. Here is how.

Finding the perfect first suit is possible. Here is how.

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You’ve made it. You have now graduated from the world of sweatpants to a job that does not involve selling online video games characters. You need a suit. You don’t need any suit from the store. You need your first suit. You want something that looks professional without making you look like a celebrity.

You’re now in the big bad world champ. There are many things that could go wrong when you buy your first suit. A suit that is too large for you is the most common offense. There are many details that can make your first suit experience a nightmare.

Fear not, young dapper Jedi. Here are some rules that will help you get rid of Dad’s suits and become your own style king. Button up, son.

Picking Suit Colour & Materials

You don’t need to spend a lot on the Prince of Wales check or chalkstripe you saw at Pitti. If you’re not a baller, then opt for a color that is versatile. A French navy or mid-grey can both be used. They look great for formal occasions and can be dressed down for casual occasions. From the office to the bar.

Woolen is the best fabric for you, depending on your needs. It will work well in all conditions. Cotton is less casual and wrinkles more easily. This fabric is not suitable for all workplaces. Linen is most suitable for warmer climates.

Remember to match your suit with your dress shoes, whether they are brand new or existing. Brown leather shoes are more casual while black are more formal. Brown leather shoes are acceptable in today’s world and can be used to add a little personality to your look.

Suit Types: Which One is Right for You?

This is the golden rule. An ill-fitting suit can be made up by a fully-canvassed or luxurious spalla camicia (Neapolitan customs speak for “shirt shoulder”) construction. You need to know where the garment should fit properly if you are buying it off the rack.

Most of the time, you can adjust the length of your sleeves and trouser. While it is possible to adjust your shoulders, they are not something you want to worry about. You can always try something else if they don’t fit. You want a jacket that fits your body across the shoulders, chest, and waist.

A large jacket is not a good choice. However, a magazine style that is too tight is also not a good idea. Instead, choose something that drapes gracefully. To determine the length of your sleeves, you can place your arms at your sides. The sleeves will then finish at your wristbone.

Do not wear your suit too small

Fitted suits are trendy, but it’s a mistake to purchase a too-small suit. Although a suit that is slightly too big can be adjusted, most ready-to wear suits don’t have enough fabric. It doesn’t always look right. To lose some weight, you can either run on the treadmill or get a jacket that buttons easily and leaves at least one inch for your phone in your breast pocket.

Know your Suit Shoulder Width

Although we all like to believe that our shoulders are Adonis-like, it is not always true. No matter how your shoulders are constructed, with padding for a more formal look or completely stripped down (without padding for a casual look), the shoulder seam must be at the corner where your arms meet your shoulders. The fabric shouldn’t bulge out. It doesn’t have to fit here.

Find pants that fit you

It’s easy for the pants to get lost in the shuffle when all the attention is on the jacket. Don’t do it, man. This can also ruin your suit. The trouser should be snug around the seat, crotch, and thighs.

Always sit down when trying on trousers. They won’t change if they are uncomfortable in the shop or too tight around the waist. Do not rely on “stretch”, or allow salespeople to convince you that it’s too small.

You can adjust the waist by either taking in or letting out. Both options are acceptable. You can even make your job easier by finding trousers that have adjustable side tabs.

These basics will help you feel comfortable in your next suit purchase.

Get to know your first suit budget

Ah, we have left the best for last. When buying your first suit, budget is important. You won’t have many dollars to spend on your first suit so it’s important to make sure you save money.