Five Hottest Makeup Trends that Will Take Over Instagram in 2022

Five Hottest Makeup Trends that Will Take Over Instagram in 2022

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We are able to see and hear all about the latest makeup trends on the Internet, and we are thrilled to bring them to you. We’re all about bold lips with a twist and a new take on the cat-eye look in 2022. Keep scrolling to discover the five hottest makeup trends for Instagram and everyone’s beauty routine in 2022.

Makeup Trend #1

Bold Lips 2022

It looks like bold lip makeup is here to stay. We’ll be wearing bold lip colors not just for parties and first dates, but we’ll also be using this makeup trend all over the place. Zoom meetings, grocery shopping or short trips to the local coffee shop are all possible uses of this makeup trend. You aren’t sure what shade is best for you? Start by narrowing down your skin’s undertones. This will allow you to choose between warmer or cooler shades.

Selena Gomez’s bold red lips are the perfect example. To make bold red lips pop, just apply a bright lipstick and keep your rest of the look natural. HERA’s Black Cushion can help you achieve a 90s-inspired look with HERA Rouge Holic Matte In Solid Red. This will give your lips a vibrant, bold red color.

Makeup Trend #2

Statement Blush in 2022

2022 is all in making a statement. So why not show your support by wearing bold, statement-making blushes? Blend a lightweight blush powder on your cheeks and apply it to the corners of your face in a “C-shape”. To transform your entire makeup look into a trendy monochrome look, you can use the drape-blush method. This involves putting your blush on your temples and cheeks. This easy MUA-approved makeup tip can instantly elevate any monochrome look with any shade you choose, regardless of whether you are going for coral-peach or burnt orange for your cheeks.

To create a monochrome look that is swoon worthy, use a warm, rosy color for your blush and eyeshadow. To tie the look together for a formal event, choose your favorite eyeshadow shade in the heimish Glitter Eye Shadow Palette. We love the peripera Blushed Sunshine Cheek.

Makeup Trend #3

Minimalist Winged Eyeliner

The 2022 minimalist winged liner trend is for those who have never managed to master the full kohl cat eye makeup look. Because it requires very little technique, this eyeliner look can be achieved even by beginners. Simply grab a liquid eyeliner or pen of your choice. To make it more adventurous, draw a triangle at the outer corners of each eye.

Makeup Trend #4

Overlined matte lips

Who doesn’t love a full, plump lip? You can line your lips with a lipstick and add a matte burgundy lipstick for a more plump, smooch-worthy look on days when your lips aren’t bursting out in bold red. For a more natural look, apply your lipstick to the center of your lips. Then, smudge it with your finger and blend it in. To add that final WOW factor, use the Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lipliner.

Makeup Trend #5

Glitter Makeup Trends for 2022

The glitter makeup look is the most popular makeup trend. It can be used on your eyes, cheeks, or lips. It’s bold and striking, yet it’s full of effortless shimmer that will take you to any party or first date. To make your eyes sparkle, apply a layer of shimmery gold eyeshadow to the lids. To add some shimmer to your look, you can use a glitter eyeshadow or glitter eyeliner.