Five Remedies to Sleep Better

Five Remedies to Sleep Better

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It can be difficult to get the 8 hours recommended each night. Our daily stresses and worries can cause us to wake up earlier and fall asleep later than we need. This is not good for our mood, health, well-being and overall wellbeing. Sleep remedies are here to help you find calm and peace amid your hectic life.

We’ve compiled our top tips and products for sleep, to help you get the rest you need.

The Best Sleep Remedies

  • Use a sleep spray

To promote relaxation, a sleep spray can be applied to your pillow and bedding. They are infused with Chamomile, Vetivert, and Lavender to help calm anxiety and allow you to drift off to sleep easy and without worrying.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow spray is a favorite of ours. It helps relieve tension and allows you to fall asleep peacefully at night. Perfect.

  • Use an eye mask

Eye masks can be a great beauty tool, because they promote restful nights and have great skin benefits. An eye mask will allow you to fall asleep quickly if you are constantly awakened in the middle or late at night.

The Iluminage Skin Revitalizing Eye Mask with Copper Oxide blocks all light to promote a calm and relaxing environment. While the copper fibers stimulate healthy cell renewal, your skin will remain soft and young.

Sesame Eye Mask with Copper Oxide by Iluminage – average price is $40

  • Enjoy a warm bath

Warm baths can soothe sore muscles and help you feel relaxed. These are great for when you feel anxious or tired after a long day at the office. Add a teaspoon of the ELEMIS Aching Muskcle Super Soak to help with hormonal aches. The ingredients work together to warm your skin and alleviate cramps.

If relaxation is what you are looking for, REN’s Atlantic Kelp Oil and Microalgae Anti Fatigue Oil will do the trick. These oils contain Magnesium to relieve muscular pain and revitalize your body. Atlantic Kelp helps to keep your skin super smoothed and hydrated.

REN Clean Skincare Microalgae and Atlantic Kelp Anti-Fatigue Oil 110ml – average price is $29

  • Use a Temple Balm

When you feel anxious or suffer from headaches, temple balms can be a great choice. The cream texture soothes the skin while the soothing scent clears the airways and eases sore heads.

The ELEMIS Quiet mind Temple Balm is a balm that can be applied to the temples and earlobes to calm and soothe and help you to relax.

Elemis Quiet Mind Balm 15ml – average price is $22

  • Light a candle

Candles are known for their ability to create a calm space that helps you relax and unwind. These are great to use if your migraines or headaches are severe. The soft lighting makes it easier for the eyes and the therapeutic aroma creates a peaceful atmosphere.

NEOM’s Complete Bliss Candle has a combination of Rose, Lime, and Black Pepper that helps relieve headaches, anxiety, and tension. Just lighten up, put on your favorite movie and take a deep breath.

NEOM Organics Complete Luxury Scented Candle – average price is $46