5 Things You Need to Change in Skincare Routine in Cold Seasons

5 Things You Need to Change in Skincare Routine in Cold Seasons

13.09.2021 Off By manager_1

Fall is here and it means that it’s time for you to change some skincare routine. Today we give you some key points to change in your daily routine if you want to make the best of your cosmetics.


Keep up with the acids. This is not the right time to slow down yet. Acids are essential for keeping your skin healthy and ready to take on any challenge that comes. If your bottle is over, give yourself a little break and try a different one. You can absolutely buy more than one if you have the funds.


You might notice a slight difference in your skin’s tolerance to colder temperatures if you worship at the altar foaming cleansers and wipes. You’ll notice a change in your skin when you switch to creams, milks, and balms. Try more hydrating cosmetics and less aggressive when it’s cold outside.

Facial Oils

Now is the right time to invest in a facial oil if you don’t have one. To protect your skin throughout the day, you can use two drops of facial oil under your moisturizer if you haven’t already. This should not make your skin feel oily but it will be definitely more bright.

Your routine time should be changed

Make the most of the dark nights, and get home earlier. Do your routine right away after you return from school/work/college. Complete cleanse, acid, serum, oil treatment. You can go about your daily business. In cold seasons skin absorb more products, so check your skin every hour until you go to sleep. Reapply cosmetics if your skin feels dry. Your skin is done repairing itself by 11pm. Don’t wait until then to get to sleep.

You can upgrade your spritzes/essences and make sure to use them often

Spray water, such as Evian in cans, is not recommended. You will already be dehydrated – many of us live in colder climates. This will only make matters worse, so leave it for summer days. You can use essences and spritzes with other ingredients like oils and minerals such as Melvita, Josh Rosebrook, and May Lindstrom. These spritzes or essences add an extra layer of moisture to the skin and keep all subsequent products, such as serums and oils, in place.