Five Secrets to Save Money on Christmas Shopping

Five Secrets to Save Money on Christmas Shopping

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Christmas shopping will be more difficult this year. (You know…supply chains issues, labor challenges and severe weather). But do not panic! So how can we keep our eyes on what’s important and find the best deals? Kristin McGrath is a shopping expert and editor at RetailMeNot. He shared his thoughts and advices with us on how to save money on your Christmas Shopping. Continue reading to find out if it works for you.

1. Prioritize Savings over Rewards

Reality check: This year’s prices will rise due to the labor and material shortages that we discussed above. McGrath recommends focusing on future savings instead of worrying about immediate savings. Target Circle, the retailer’s loyalty program, offers a 1 percent cashback on almost everything and you can use it for future purchases. It also offers great Kohl’s cash opportunities, in addition to lower prices at the register. McGrath reported that Kohl’s has offered up to $100 in Kohls Cash back on certain items.

Keep an eye out for small denomination gift cards that are included with your purchase. Consider buying a larger tub of laundry detergent to get a $5 gift certificate. That’s a savings!

2. Find savings on gifts and household items

McGrath recommends finding deals on the “boring” items that you will need for holidays and beyond. It is easy to get caught up in buying Christmas gifts on Black Friday. You can think of bath towels to accommodate relatives and storage bins for new toys. Also, consider essentials such as paper towels, soap, and detergent. You can save money by stocking up now.

3. Black Friday is earlier than actual Friday

Retailers had been shifting sales for years, even before the pandemic. Rolling discounts are a good thing for 2021 – 2022, even though they can be a source of anxiety over whether you’re getting the best price. McGrath says that if you are determined to wait for Black Friday, you will likely find the lowest prices of the year, but there may be very little supply. It’s best to grab a deal as soon as you see it, even if your item doesn’t arrive in time or is completely sold out.

4. Use “Smart” Promo Code Browser Extensions

McGrath adds that extensions such as RetailMeNot’s Deal Finder Chrome extension allow you to scan automatically for cash-back and promo codes which can be applied to your purchase regardless of when you shop. The Honey extension is also available for Chrome.

5. Curbside is the best option if you need to shop last minute

It’s never been more convenient to shop locally. However, if you have to go online at short notice, consider purchasing pickup-eligible products that you are confident will be in stock. McGrath suggests that you may even be able to find occasional curbside pickup discounts offered by retailers trying to attract shoppers…or clear their shelves for more products.