Five Sustainable Underwear Brands That You Must Know

Five Sustainable Underwear Brands That You Must Know

16.11.2021 Off By manager_1

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Underwear is very common. At least, that’s what we would assume for most people. Although most people are aware of the importance of the underwear industry and the ethical issues that it brings, they tend to overlook how big it is. Body positivity is a major selling point, but so are sustainability and ethically sourced material. These points can impact a person’s decision to buy a product.

These five brands are doing their part by keeping up with the latest Instagram accounts and promoting trendy products. These brands are showing that you can “have your cake and eat it”, even if you’re wearing underwear.

We are HAH

The company was founded in West Hollywood, California. Its motto is: They are, You’re, We’re Hot as Hell. This is why the name “HAH” was chosen. They want sexy to make life easy for you (and Mother Earth), which is why they believe in #startsomewhere and are focused on making the world a better place. HAH makes more lingerie-like underwear than any other company, and also produces swimwear and clothing. They wanted to break the cycle of “waste fashion” and create ethically-made, eco-conscious products. Their clothing can be machine washed and is sustainable. They also come in recyclable packaging that can be reused as luggage bags. We are HAH is a great place to start in sustainable fashion.


Parade is the most beautiful underwear company. They use recycled materials to create comfortable underwear for everyone. Re:Play is their specialty crafted material. It is made from fishing nets and carpets as well as manufacturing waste. It makes up to 85% their underwear. The packaging is 100% recyclable and sustainable. Mother Earth says you can buy the set of days, the new fruit, and the technicolor packs, as well as the individual undies, if you feel like it.

Parade also offers 20% off for customers who provide proof that they are registered to vote. You can find this brand everywhere, so make sure you check them out!

Savage x Fenty

Rhianna does everything so well, it’s easy to forget that she hasn’t released any new songs in years. We can forgive her for bringing us a label that “disrupted and redefined market with its accessible price point, extensive assortment of lingerie”, also known as Savage x Fenty. These cute pieces come in a variety of sizes, colors, and spiciness. Her Savage Fenty Vol. 1 Fashion Show broke the internet. She proved that her lingerie brand is here to stay with the 2 Fashion Show, which kicked off October.


The sustainability train is not just for women. Opok’s brothers and co-founders discovered high levels of toxic chemicals in clothing. Pesticides, hazardous dyes and carcinogens may end up in your body through skin contact. These chemicals are not only harmful to you but also for farmers and the environment. The brothers who founded Opok realized that there was a need for comfortable, toxin-free clothing for men.


This brand provides fair trade organic cotton for all ages! This brand is sustainable and ethical, so everyone can use it, whether they are your children, you, or the people who use your bathroom towels. PACT recognized the need for affordable organic cotton underwear, and decided to fill that gap with simple solutions. They have raised the bar for everyone. Mother nature and we are grateful to them for bringing about change in the way we source ethical and fair-trade alternatives to our grandmothers.

These eco-friendly products can sometimes be expensive. These prices might seem prohibitive for students, but when you consider the cost you would have to pay to feel good about yourself and help the environment, it becomes more affordable. Think about when was the last time that you purchased underwear. These brands will ensure that you feel confident in the products they offer.