Five Ways to Wear the Topcoat for Man

Five Ways to Wear the Topcoat for Man

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Among all the outerwear a guy can wear in winter months, from the pea coat to the toggle coat and work-wear-inspired pieces, few are as versatile as the top coat. Sometimes a peacoat may not be long enough to cover a blazer. In other cases, a toggle or work jacket could be too casual.

Some coats that are purely utilitarian, such as a field coat or thick parka, don’t look as professional as some outlets might make you believe. Topcoats cover all these bases and look sharp while providing warmth and layering potential. This is especially important if you live somewhere colder. You can wear it with casual attire on weekends, as you will see below. It’s also sharp enough to go with more formal tailored silhouettes.


Topcoats that are truly exceptional look a little like blazers, but with a snug fit across the shoulders and tailored arms and body. The topcoat will allow for greater movement as it can be worn over lower layers, such as a blazer, tie, or V-neck sweater, and casual button-down shirts. This means that there is slightly more room at the chest than in days past, but it won’t be as tight as the baggy overcoats.

Double-breasted coats can create strong, masculine silhouettes, but we prefer the traditional single-breasted style. There are many options, including Uniqlo’s and Frank and Oaks’ extremely affordable pieces as well as the most expensive, Bonobos and J. Crew.

The sizes are selling quickly so it is a good idea to look for something slightly less expensive in neutral shades like charcoal. These pieces have the basics covered: neutral colors, classic trim silhouettes and lots of wearability.

  • CARE

After you have secured the coat in your closet, it is time to take care of it. Topcoats, especially ones that can be worn daily, are likely to see a lot of weather conditions, including rain, snow, and sleet. It is important to follow the cleaning and care instructions printed on the coat tag. These should not be washed in the washing machine with your other essentials. Dry clean your coat once a season is over to keep it in good shape, despite the wear and tear.

Let’s take care of the fit and see what can be worn with this versatile piece.

  1. Navy topcoat
  2. Chambray shirt
  3. Dark denim
  4. Burgundy v-neck sweater
  5. Brown Chukka boots
  6. Brown leather watch

This outfit can be worn with many winter-appropriate colors. Burgundy is a popular color for winter. It is also a great choice for those who want to keep warm in the colder months. The combination is even more suitable for cold weather style when paired with chambray or a rougher texture such as chambray. A classic white or blue OCBD shirt would work well, but the chambray shirt adds depth and variety. A heavier shirt requires a heavier pant, which is why you should have a pair of dark denim. The chukka boots are stylish and fashionable for winter weather, as well as the possibility of snow. Stuhrling’s watch is simple and clean. It’s also more affordable than other brown leather watches.

  1. Navy topcoat
  2. Quilted shirt-jacket
  3. Striped henley
  4. Black jeans
  5. Brown leather sneakers
  6. Black rubber-strap watch

This combination of patterns and unusual layering makes this outfit unique. A henley is a classic piece of fall and winter wear that can also be used as a base layer beneath a more distinctive quilted shirt-jacket. Old Navy offers a reliable substitute that is less expensive. For extra warmth, a puffer vest might be a good choice.

Mixing black jeans with brown leather sneakers works in this instance. The outfit is casual by design, so brown shoes can be worn with a dark suit. Black denim looks great with the rough, rugged and dark fading of those sneakers. The watch strap is rubber so it doesn’t need to be matched with the shoes. You could also use the olive-strap watch from above.

  1. Navy topcoat
  2. Light blue dress shirt
  3. Slim grey wool trousers
  4. Tan herringbone blazer
  5. Navy solid wool knit tie
  6. Mini-plaid pocketsquare
  7. Italian leather brown boots

The topcoat’s dressy roots are reflected in this outfit, which could be worn with a navy or charcoal overcoat. This outfit features Herringbone, a timeless winter fabric. A navy wool knit tie adds texture. The tie and shirt are both solid so you can add a different patterned pocket piece in a color combination that works well with the rest. Wool trousers complete this winter-appropriate get-up, while those new boots have some nice depth to the leather and a seasonally-appropriate, functional rubber sole.

  1. Navy topcoat
  2. White long-sleeve shirt
  3. Grey crewneck sweater
  4. Dark denim
  5. Belt made of braided brown leather
  6. Leather Chelsea boots
  7. Olive strap watch

This outfit’s first thing to notice is the crewneck sweater. It’s an affordable casual piece that can be considered investment-worthy. Although there are cheaper options at Old Navy, it is worth spending a little extra on a piece that will be worn a lot. This outfit is well balanced by a pair of standard dark jeans. A braided leather belt adds casual style.

Accessories are the other eye-catching part of this outfit. While it might seem standard to wear a pair of leather shoes with this outfit, Chelsea boots are an interesting (and very on-trend!) alternative. The watch’s olive strap looks great with the denim and sweatshirt.

  1. Navy topcoat
  2. White dress shirt
  3. Suit made of slim grey flannel
  4. Navy wool pocket square
  5. Tie made from striped wool
  6. Silver dive watch
  7. Red socks
  8. Chelsea boots in black
  9. Black leather gloves

This is the most formal option, and it most closely resembles what 007 would wear during a museum visit. The slim grey flannel suit will look great under a charcoal or navy topcoat.

A thicker, more structured tie will also look great with this winter-friendly suit. A navy wool pocket square can be used to contrast the darker-tan tie. However, it is more versatile than a white cotton one (although that could work in a pinch).

Black Chelsea boots are a great option to keep this outfit on-trend and on-season. However, you could also use the Chelsea boots in outfit #3. To contrast the muted tones, dress up your outfit with a versatile diving watch. Add some color to the ensemble with thick, bright red socks.