Five YouTube Channels For Those Who is Fashion Obsessed

Five YouTube Channels For Those Who is Fashion Obsessed

14.12.2021 Off By manager_1

In the midst of a pandemic, we spend a lot of our time staring at screens. We have spent a lot more time on YouTube in the last twelve months. Because we are obsessed with fashion, the majority of YouTube videos we watch are related to clothing. Fashion content is everywhere on our feed, whether it’s an inspiring craft tutorial, an engaging trend prediction video or an exhilarating unboxing haul.

There are many fashionable channels, but we love those that offer deeper insight into the world of clothing. There are many YouTube channels that provide valuable information about the fashion industry, from creators who examine the history of a garment to reflecting on how current culture affects current trends. Here are five YouTube channels that will help fashion-obsessed people:

#1 What everyone is wearing in New York

KarenBrikChick delights YouTube every month with a beautiful piece of art, a “What Everyone Is Wearing in New York” video. Karen takes these photos as she walks through New York City and interviews everyday pedestrians about their looks. Every person reveals where their pieces came from (goodwill or Gucci) and what inspired them to create the look.

The creator doesn’t just show one style or trend, but rather a wide range of outfits. This channel is a success. It’s sweet to see the interviewees’ joy in making the video, as they talk about their looks and gush over Karen’s compliments. These videos are inspiring because they remind us that there are many ways to express fashion.

#2 mila tequila

Although this channel isn’t a fashion channel specifically, it offers endless inspiration for Y2K fashion. These videos are by “Mila Tequila”, who explains and analyzes all of the drama from the early 2000s that you didn’t know you needed. The true story of the Bling Ring, Lindsay Lohan’s rise to and fall, is covered. While it is obvious that the movie is inaccurate, we still recommend it to anyone who is interested in the early aughts.

If you are a fashion lover like us, then the clips and images featuring Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in their iconic looks will definitely inspire some early 2000s looks. After discovering this channel, we knew we had to recreate Linday’s 2003 MTV Movie Awards corset. You will not only be inspired by the style, but also a complete expert on early 2000s drama.

Side note: If you are looking for more pop culture history, why not check out Les Deux You Remember This? You won’t regret it.

#3 moderngurlz

ModernGurlz is not a channel that focuses exclusively on fashion, but it does provide endless content for fashion-lovers. There is something for everyone, from analyses of fashion movies to histories and interviews with designers in the fashion industry to interviews with them.

The channel confirmed our suspicions that the early 2000s were making a comeback. It also revealed that the popularity of ’60s-style clothing was increasing and Jawbreaker is a timeless classic. The interview also features the costume designer behind Clueless, The House Bunny Mona May. Highly recommended.

#4 Nayva

NAYVA is a masterpiece. There are so many things you can say about it. NAYVA, the female version of PAQ is a group of four girls who live in London and take part in weekly fashion challenges. These girls can do anything, from styling celebrities to creating iconic outfits to participating in thrifting competitions. Over the course of the week, viewers get to meet them and see how each creates her own style based upon their interests and personalities.

The channel taught us a lot about ourselves and our style. The show has ceased to air and there was a lot of drama behind the scenes between the girls. Every episode is like a mini-TV show, and it’s a great way to spend a few hours in quarantine.

#5 Black femininity TV

Black Femininity TV is a YouTube channel that celebrates Black culture. It highlights POC fashion and explains the many ways Black women have influenced fashion trends over the years. This channel has it all, from deep dives into celebrities to exposes of popular 2000s TV series to fashion reviews for award shows.

Although many videos don’t focus on clothing content, they do offer plenty of Y2K inspiration. We were inspired by the video about the history of Baby Phat, a popular brand that features furry Baby Phat jackets. This channel is a great way to recognize the history of Black women.

This fashionable list will hopefully provide readers with endless hours of YouTube procrastination. Chloe Felopulos is a stylish vlogger that we recommend. Her unique style has inspired us to buy a tuxedo vest. Susielola turned us onto many small brands that we love. Devon Carlson is a master of fashion. Happy YouTubing!