TOP 7 volumizing mascaras for long and thick lashes

TOP 7 volumizing mascaras for long and thick lashes

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You won’t need to use glue to create a false lash effect with the best volumizing mascaras. These mascaras add drama, intensity, and fullness to your lashes. They focus on plumping them up for amazing results. Volumizing mascaras can add drama to your eyes and lengthen the natural shape. Tick, tick, tick!

Do you want to take a break from your best fake eyelashes? Instead, try one of the top mascaras that volumizes lashes. Dominic Skinner, Global Senior Artist at M*A*C Cosmetics, says that volumizing mascaras are the ultimate mascara solution. They can thicken, curl, and lengthen lashes. He continues, “It’s this combination which gives the general appearance if ‘volume’ whereas some mascaras may only concentrate on one or two attributes.”

We’ve selected the top volumizing mascaras on the market that truly are worth the hype. These formulas won’t smudge or transfer, no matter how short or thick your natural lashes may be. To avoid all the drama, check out Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara. Do you prefer a natural look for your lashes? Glossier Lash Sclick is your new favorite.


When choosing the right volumizing mascara, there are several factors you should consider. These are the tips and tricks of experts.

Your natural lashes. Aimee Connolly is a makeup artist and founder at Sculpted By Aimee. Look for mascaras that give volume and curl to natural straight lashes. Consider a waterproof mascara if your eyes are hooded. A lightweight formula will not weigh down your lashes and won’t transfer to your eyelids.

Skinner says the wand is what you should be looking for. A comb will create separated lashes. An extremely compact brush can add length. For volume, a rubber-style brush is best. It will apply mascara generously to your lashes and spread it along the length of your lash.

We tested over twenty formulas to create our list of top volumizing mascaras. They came from a variety of brands and ranged in price. The mascara must meet several beauty criteria in order to be awarded top marks. We wanted a mascara that had a great staying power, was easy to apply without clumping or flaking, and gave us thick, full-bodied results. We also looked for formulas that contained lash-loving ingredients (like vitamin E and fatty acids).

Best volumizing mascara overall

Too Faced is the #1 prestige mascara in America, selling a Better than Sex Mascara every seven second. We can see why after trying it. The bristled hourglass brush grips each hair and pulls them up, while adding volume to the base. What are the results? A fuller flutter that adds drama and drama to any eye look in an example.

This volumizing mascara is lighter than some others, and can be quite heavy. To get the best results, we found that the brush should be wiggled from the root to the tip. For dramatic effect, you can pair this mascara with your favorite eyeliner. It will enhance and define your peepers.

Best lengthening volumizing mascara

You can see the results this brush will produce by just looking at it. Super-fine bristles capture each lash, even the corners, to give a fuller, longer flutter. They are also very voluminous. It’s hard to beat the jet-black formula. It stays on for hours without smudging and transferring. The brush design, which expertly separates lashes, ensures that there isn’t a single clump. Big tick!

The down side? It can be very hard to get off, even though it is durable. To gently remove the formula, we recommend using a gentle cleanser that is suitable for delicate eyes. It’s still an award-winning mascara that can lift, separate, and plump up your lashes for a false lash effect. This mascara is a must-have!

Best curling volumizing mascara

Dior’s Diorshow mascara is a classic formula with a loyal following. The chunky, maxi-sized brush applies just enough pigment to create a full, glossy finish with no clumps. It volumizes, curls, and lengthens lashes. We recommend this mascara to everyone with long, straight lashes. It will pull them in place and keep them there for the entire day.

The lash-loving formula is another selling point for this top-rated mascara. It’s packed with silk proteins that will strengthen and lengthen your natural lashes over time. The formula can dry quickly, which can cause flaking. For maximum volume and minimal flaking, we recommend applying light layers in rapid succession. Trust us, it works!

Best budget volumizing mascara

Are you looking for the best drugstore mascaras in your area? This Maybelline wand ticks all the boxes. After numerous users shared the amazing results, Lash Sensational Sky High mascara quickly became a TikTok hit. The mascara’s unique selling point is the lengthening of lashes. However, the new version (Lash Sensational Cosmic Mascara), volumizes.

The original formula’s flexible tower brush will still work and lift lashes. The pigment is what’s new. This latest formula features inky-black, velvety rich pigments that coat the eyelashes to create a dramatic effect. This is the perfect product for special occasions and evenings out.

The best volumizing mascara for separating lashes

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ first venture into mascara: Lash brag. This mascara is already a hit with beauty lovers and has received several prestigious awards. Lash Brag is a thick, hourglass-shaped mascara that delivers full-bodied lashes to rival the ones of your favorite falsies. This mascara doesn’t weigh lashes down like many false eyelashes. It feels light and almost as if you don’t have any mascara.

We love the way this mascara looks and feels, but we noticed that it can flake and transfer at the end of each day. We recommend using less mascara in the morning, and then topping it off at the end of each day if you wish to avoid this. It’s a volumizing product that goes well with bright eyeshadows for extra definition.

The best luxury volumizing mascara

Chanel Le Volume mascara is the perfect choice for French-girl lashes. It gives you voluminous, plump lashes that don’t look too polished or ‘done up’. The lashes are thick, full of drama and fluttery. This look can be worn with a smear of Kohl liner along the lower and upper lash-lines.

Although it is more expensive than most mascaras, it has a luxurious feel. The formula glides on easily and can be easily built up to add volume. It contains film-forming agents that preserve the suppleness and volume of your lashes. It can cause clumping on the first application. Make sure you don’t overload your brush with product before applying.

Best natural volumizing mascara

After natural-looking volume? Glossier’s LashSlick mascara gives you natural-looking volume. It expertly lengthens hairs without going overboard with false-lash territory. The tiny bristles grab onto each lash and pull them up and outwards to give it a lifted, longer look. We recommend using the wand to apply. Start by wiggling it from root-to-tip, adding layers until you achieve your desired look. What is the result? The result? A stunning feline look, or as Glossier calls, the “baby extension” effect.

The formula is fragrance-free, dermatologist-tested, and suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes. It is not waterproof but it is water-resistant so it doesn’t smudge or flake all day. What’s the best thing? It is super easy to wash off with warm water. A big plus!