Best eyebrow gels to have flawless eyebrows

Best eyebrow gels to have flawless eyebrows

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The best eyebrow gels will give your eyebrows a boost

It is not easy to navigate the maze of eyebrow products available in order to get Zendaya-worthy, flawless arches without leaving your house. There are many options to achieve the perfect look, from precision pencils and pomades to new techniques like microblading and lamination.

The humble gel is the best product for creating beautiful eyebrows. Eyebrow gels can be used to tint your eyebrows to make them darker or straighten unruly hairs.

We put the top shavers through their paces. We evaluated everything, from how easy they apply and remove to how well they keep brows in place, what their colour is, and whether they are smudge-proof.

Before we share our top picks for the best brow gels right now, please read our guide to help you choose the right product.

What is an eyebrow gel?

Although formulas can vary, a brow gel works in the same way as a mascara to fill your eyebrows. Clear brow gel can be used to shape and define hairs. These gels are great for people who have naturally dark, full brows or those who want to fill in brows with pencil. Some formulas may be tinted, while others contain hair-like microfibres. These help to build your eyebrows naturally.

Most tinted eyebrow gels will give your brows a fuller look with only one coat. The best products contain growth-enhancing ingredients like peptides, vitamin B5, and other conditioning agents.

How do you apply eyebrow cream?

The key to applying any eyebrow product is to first groom what mother nature has given you. For easy application, most brow gels come with a mascara-like brush. However, you may want to use a dry spoolie and a brush to get the desired look. According to Georgie Murtagh (makeup artist), the best way to apply gel to hair is to use a brush that has been dipped in extra product. Then, brush the gel in the opposite direction to the hair’s growth. She says that this will effectively coat the hairs with the product.

“Brush your brows in the direction that hair grows – I prefer to brush upwards for a fuller effect. Once you are satisfied with the shape, use your fingers to gently flatten the hairs.”

What amount should I spend?

Although most brow gels fall within the $10-20 price range, there are plenty of affordable options available on the high streets that can do the same job. It all depends on your needs. Although this is not always true, basic, transparent gels are more affordable than those with brow-enhancing microfibres or conditioning ingredients. Although there are many cult makeup products that can be expensive, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a well-groomed appearance.

These are the best eyebrow gels that you can purchase in 2022

1. West Barn Co Gelbrows: The best eyebrow gel to give you long-lasting brows

This new pot of magic is a travel-friendly option that can help you maintain the shape and style of your eyebrows. This is West Barn Co’s latest product. It is well-known for its Soap Brows product, which is a favorite of many beauty editors. It is easy to use and doesn’t feel greasy. It’s also very economical. After only a few weeks, our tester barely noticed any difference in the pot. It is water-resistant and resists heat well, so you can use it at the beach or pool with confidence knowing that your eyebrows will not move.

2. La Perla Sculpting Gel for Brows: Best eyebrow gel to define your eyebrows

Both the dark brown and transparent versions of this gel were great. Because of its super-light texture and smudge resistance, the tinted formula quickly became a favourite. This spoolie is slightly thicker than the ones that came with other tinted gels. However, the back-brushing technique allowed for a smooth, even coating. It gave our tester a beautiful brow and a durable, rub-resistant hold.

3. NYX Professional Makeup: The best eyebrow gel to use with laminated brows

NYX’s pro-brow glue is the best for expert-level brow lamination. The transparent, non-sticky gel dries quickly and leaves no residue. It also keeps your brow hairs in place throughout the day. Extra-thin bristles allow you to coat every strand with the small brush. This product can be used with a pencil, pen, or powder to fill in any gaps or add dimension. However, if your brows have been glued, you will need some serious hold.

4. Huda Beauty Bomb Brows Full N’Fluffy Fibre Gel: This is the best eyebrow gel to give you volume

The gel was easy to use and left behind only the finest hair-like fibers for a feathery finish. The spoolie’s ultra-thinness allows for precise and buildable application even on the smallest of hairs. And the bold colour instantly gives the illusion of thicker, fuller brows. The gel was easy to use and did not clump, smudge, or become patchy. Our tester was also pleased with its durability throughout the day. The formula includes a mixture of hair-loving ingredients such as coconut oil, castor oils, and vitamin E. There are eight shades to choose from so you can find the right shade for you.

5. Fenty Beauty Brow MVP-Sculpting Wax Styler: The best formula for eyebrow gel and wax

A good wax is the best choice for unruly eyebrows. This clear formula from Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty locks hair in place and sculpts it. This product didn’t leave behind any white residue or clumping, which is a danger with wax. The unique, built-in brush makes it easy to style your eyebrows the way you want them to be. The smart-angled tip grips hairs effectively to smoothen them out and hold them in place. You can use it alone or in combination with a pencil for easy, low-maintenance grooming.

6. e.l.f. Wow Brow Gel: The Best Budget Eyebrow Gel

This is the best microfibre product we’ve found in a drugstore. The problem with highly pigmented eyebrow gels is their messy application, especially around the brow line. This is where the colour can transfer onto the skin and smudge. The super-precise brush included with this product makes application easy. Wow Brow Gel can also be used over e.l.f. brow pencils or powders. The buildability of the Wow Brow Gel is so great that our tester noticed fuller looking brows after only one coat. The hold is great (without being stiff) and there are a variety of shades to suit different hair colours and skin tones.

7. B’Kate Brow gel: Natural look with the best brow gel

This brow gel is great for those with already defined brows. It is transparent and offers subtle structure, without feeling stiff, sticky, or flaky. It was easy to use, even after applying a few coats. The spoolie measures approximately the same size as a mascara brush and can be used to fluff the brows. The vegan-friendly formula also contains vitamin B5, which will leave your brow hairs feeling moisturized and glossy.