Outfit ideas for men in their 30s

Outfit ideas for men in their 30s

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Dressing for Special Occasions

It is a separate skill to put the wardrobe pieces together. It’s an easy skill to master once you learn how to dress in your 30s. Think about the dress code or standards that are required for the venue you’re attending, then think about what look you want to project.

Business attire: Dress for work

You may want to consider getting out your business suits if you have climbed up the ranks and achieved some authority or respect in your workplace. You are likely more experienced in your 30s than those in their 20s and have been steadily climbing up the ladder.

These are not all jobs that men will choose to do. The majority of men won’t. However, if you’re a member of the suit-wearing men’s class, don’t wear the same two off the rack suits from Men’s Wearhouse.

If you find yourself wearing a suit every day, save enough money to buy two or three more nice tailored suits. If you don’t have the budget for bespoke, you might consider making your own. Or you could look into traveling two-day tailoring events to find a great deal.

This look requires dark suits in business-style — dark colors with minimal patterning or texture. Plain or lightly patterned white dress shirts, as well as good silk neckties. Oxford dress shoes with matching belts.

Avoid these: Too casual button-down shirts, mismatched leathers and just about anything else that isn’t the timeless business options above. Instead of straying from the standard, express your individuality in the quality and accent pieces of your suit.

Dressing for work: Business casual

A business casual work environment is more popular than one that’s formal. You may call it “smart casual” and “relaxed work attire,” but the idea is the same: dark, crisp jeans at the casual end and wool slacks or blazers at dressier end. Collared shirts are at all levels.

In a casual business setting, you have lots of flexibility. Take advantage of this flexibility. Varietate your outfits so you don’t wear the same “uniform”, to work every day. You can wear khakis with a blue button down, but not every day.

If there are younger men working, try to be a bit more sharp than them. A jacket is a must, as well as a pair of stylish leather shoes. Even a necktie can be worn from time to time, provided they are not necessary. This outfit will help you distinguish yourself from younger men at work.

This look requires a variety of jacket and trouser styles. To complete the look, you will need light-colored or lightly-patterned dress shirts. Shoes made of leather. For jackets, you can use pocket squares. You can also incorporate sweaters into this look.

This look is not for you if you don’t like suits, brightly colored shirts or trousers, blue jeans (even good ones), and cloth shoes.

Dressing for Work: Hands on Labor

Some people don’t work in an office. Do you have to be conscious of your appearance during work hours if you work remotely or in a factory?

Yes, it is qualified. First, dress with safety and functionality in mind! It’s a good idea for men to keep their work clothes neat and sharp.

Think in business terms. A guy wearing brown cotton pants and a shirt will impress customers more than someone in jeans and a T-shirt. This is especially true if he has a clipboard and appears busy while talking to customers. Do it if it is worth it.

This look requires clean, unworn jeans or sturdy cotton pants. Work shirts and polos with soft collars are good options. If leather is not an option, you can opt for plain, dark-colored synthetic boots or leather work boots.

This look is not recommended for those wearing overalls or coveralls. Anything that is stained or badly ripped.

Daytime chores: Dressing for yourself

It is important to update your wardrobe so you can look your best even if there aren’t any special events.

It’s impossible to predict who you might run into, and it’s always fun to be dressed better than the men around.

A casual but elegant style is a great choice for the man who’s just starting to learn how to dress in his 30s. Avoid anything careless or sloppy, especially anything that is loose and slouched. You can look great in slim jeans, lightweight sweaters and casual collared tops. Casual jackets are also good choices.

You will need: Anything neat and well-fitted. Top layers include jackets, sweaters, and light coats. Casual dress shirts, solid-colored T-shirts, Henleys, or other relaxed styles. Trousers come in many styles. Jeans are fine but should be dark and well-fitted. Casual leather shoes

Avoid sharp blazers and suits. Neckties (dress shirts and neckties are acceptable, but leave the collar open. If it’s too warm, you can roll the sleeves. For outdoor activities, sweatshirts, hoodies and puffy performance fleece are fine. Shoes for the gym (except if you are going to the gym).

Dress for yourself: Evening socializing

You want to be a bit more polished and dressed up when you go out at night than you are during the day. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should wear business clothes. Your clothes must be both “socially” and “dressy.”

It’s actually better to wear jeans and a T-shirt in most social situations than a business suit with a tie. Although there are some formal events that require men to wear ties, most people don’t need them.

Evening casual suits are rare these days. However, if you do have one, social events at night are a great time to wear it. A casual jacket and dark jeans are also good choices. This is where you can make your look a little more fun. A T-shirt underneath a suit jacket, or a pair canvas sneakers with nice wool trousers is possible.

This look requires simple, dark jackets (sports or suit). Dark, fitted jeans and other pants. There are many options for shirts, both with collars and without. Comfortable casual footwear in good condition.
This look is best avoided: Business casual. Plain collared shirts with plain khakis, or other casual dress-casual pants. Shoes for the gym, such as colored rubber/cloth shoes. T-shirts that have logos or brand names or other non-artistic graphics.

Romance or Dating: Dressing for Romance

It turns out that the clothes you wear to impress a date are the same clothes you wear when you are looking for someone to date. They are, at least if you are honest about your intentions.

Many men in their 30s have lost touch with what it means to be a good man. Avoid falling for this trap. You should not pretend that the opinions of others are important to you.

To be romantic, you should look smart, sophisticated, dark, and elegant. Try to be minimalist. It is easy to look elegant and refined, especially when you are wearing a tailored suit.

This look requires dark, tailored trousers and jackets. Light-colored collared shirt (white with light patterning is also a good choice). Good leather shoes with matching belts. If you like jewelry, some modest jewelry is possible. A little bit of decent cologne, but nothing too expensive and not more than a small amount on the back of your neck.

Boring work clothes are not recommended. Jeans and T-shirts. Gym shoes. Too much pink, too many colognes. Too much of anything. Keep it simple.