Four Self-Care Tips to Improve Your Social Life

Four Self-Care Tips to Improve Your Social Life

01.10.2021 Off By manager_1

In recent years, self-care has become a buzzword. Social media has been so saturated with self-care terms that it’s become almost impossible to understand what it is and why it is important. Some are telling that self-care includes impossible morning routines, such as waking up at 5:05 am to do a 2 hour workout and making a delicious, Michelin-star-worthy breakfast before going to work. We can easily get distracted by all the gimmicky products that claim to help us achieve our Zen.

What does it look like to integrate self-care into your social life? Social self-care encourages us maintain healthy relationships with ourselves and to share it with others. This means that we must be mindful of how we manage meaningful relationships and avoid social burnout. These are four ways to start your social self-care journey in 2021.

1. Play more

Playtime can be incorporated into your daily life as a form self-care. Do you remember when life seemed like one big playground as a child? With a little imagination and creativity, even the most mundane tasks were fun. Imagine having fun together. It could be anything, from painting & sip class with your best friend, calling up a friend that always makes you laugh or playing with your pet or child, inviting a colleague for lunch at the park or trading family movie nights for a game of board. You can keep calm under stress by embracing your playful side. It will also help you to recharge your body and increase your energy, without causing burnout.

2. Give gifts to loved ones

When was the last time that you did something kind for someone you cared about? Giving gifts is a double act. One, gift giving is a satisfying. The joy we see in the faces of our recipients is enough to boost our psychological well-being and bring us happiness for many days. Your gift is a token of your appreciation and love for the recipient. It is an act of kindness and compassion. It says, “You’re special to me” – the best gift anyone can receive!

Evidence suggests that our brains release “feel good” hormones when we give gifts. This not only increases our happiness, but also creates deeper relationships with others. You can surprise someone today by buying something they have been wanting or making something for them. It will make you feel much happier.

3. Take a break from looking at screens

It doesn’t matter if you are at Zoom meeting, Facetiming friends or just scrolling. All that screen time can add up. Too much screen time can cause many health problems, such as dry eyes, eye strain, blurred vision, and headaches. The “rule 20” is an excellent way to avoid digital eye strain and better take care of your health. You can take a break by focusing 20 feet away on something for 20 seconds. Do it every 20 seconds. Use an app or your phone to set a timer to remind you to get up. There are many ways to make meaningful connections and not compromise your health, even though we have all been forced to keep our relationships on a screen. You can send a note or write a letter. One day per week can be devoted to Zoom parties, virtual catch-ups, or you can call a friend or relative on the phone to say hello.

4. Set boundaries

Social self-care includes setting healthy boundaries. To honor our mental health, it is important to find balance. This means learning to say no and allowing ourselves to take a break. While a social life is important for our well-being, too much can cause burnout. You can take care of yourself by setting boundaries. If your work is the main focus, you can choose to take a mental-health day. If you are not able to accept an invitation to spend some time alone, it is possible to politely decline. You can slow down, and regain your enjoyment of life. It’s important to recognize when our bodies are tired, stressed, or overworked. This will help us identify what our bodies need. You can check in with your body in 2021 and discover what you need through reflection.

Make time to practice social self-care today. Social self-care is about cultivating feelings of love and appreciation for others. Even introverts can benefit from socializing for their mental health. It is only one aspect of self-care that you should take care of regularly. Healthy boundaries are another aspect of social self-care. Although socializing is important, our lives can get so busy that it is difficult to say “no” and reschedule plans. This is how we protect ourselves against burnout or overwhelm. In 2021, be deliberate about your social service activities. You can honor the people who are special in your life and give them your respect. You should be able to lift and energize others through your relationships. So find creative ways that you can take care of your mental health without neglecting your own mental well-being.