Four Steps to a Beard Care Routine

Four Steps to a Beard Care Routine

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A well-coiffed face is something that’s special. You can tell the difference between a neatly groomed facial hair and one that is growing wild like the jungle. To have a stylish beard that is worthy of compliments, you don’t have to be a model, rock star, or have access to a top-notch barber. All you need is the right products and the right routine. We’ve made it easy for you by simplifying all that into a simple four-step routine to maintain your facial hair.


There is a study which found that grooming, which is taking care of your appearance, was the most important factor in determining whether you feel positive. Personal grooming goes beyond physical appearance. It’s also about taking good care of your mental health. It’s why it’s one of the ways of positive masculinity.

You may be wondering, “I’ve been growing my hair for years without any routine.” Why should I buy anything for it now? Simply put, a well-groomed mustache is the difference between professional and scraggly.

Have you ever heard of bed beards? It’s a bed head for your beard. Your beard will normally look like it has been through a wind tunnel. You can avoid this by following a proper beard care regimen. It’s possible to make a big difference in how your beard looks every day by adding just a few steps to your morning grooming regimen.

It’s not just about how your beard looks. You also need to consider what’s underneath it: dry skin and ingrown hairs. When deciding if a beard care regimen is necessary, all of these should be considered. A healthy facial hair care routine moisturizes the skin beneath your hair follicles. Regularly taking care of your facial hair is important to not only look great but also improve your mental health.


You may already own some of these products, but there are likely others you don’t know about. Let’s get ready to count your beard products and create a beard care toolbox.


Now that you have hair shampoo, what do you need for your beard? Yes, also a shampoo. You can expect to see dry, irritated skin beneath your facial hair if you use the same hair shampoo for your beard. Beard shampoo is a wash agent that specifically targets facial hair. It preserves natural oils and minimizes beard-dandruff. It also softens the skin beneath. The shampoo should be used with the beard conditioner. You can find many liquid beard wash options, but you should better look for beard shampoo bars. These are made with natural ingredients and are better for the environment.


You shouldn’t be hesitant to look for an electric trimmer with new features that give you a better shave and doesn’t cut or nick your face. A pair of any good beard/mustache utters is essential for those tighter cuts. You should not use your kitchen scissors, grab a pair beard scissors instead.


It seems that everyone is making beard oil these day. Seriously. Be aware that not all beard oils are created good. You want one that smells great and moisturizes your hair follicles, as well as the skin beneath. Beard oils can often be made with essential oils or natural ingredients. If you are short on time, we recommend Captain Fawcett’s Boozy or Baccy Beard oil. A smooth, shiny and soft beard will result.


Beard balm is a conditioner for facial hair. This product is more for those with medium-long beards. Beard balm has a consistency that is similar to a hair pomade, but it’s not a bottled liquid. Beard balms are more likely to remain in your hair for longer periods of time than oils, which makes them moisturize longer. A beard balm can contain shea butter, beeswax and essential oils such as sunflower oil. You might also consider beard butter, which is somewhere in between oil and balm texture. It moisturizes well and prevents itching. Dapper Guru Beard butter is a great choice because it uses shea butter and has a wonderful handmade scent.


Life can be complicated. Your beard care routine should not be like that. We broke down the ideal routine into four easy steps that you can do right before your shower.

1. BRUSH YOUR BEARD. You can use a beard brush, or a beard comb depending on whether you have a short or long beard. Brushing your beard evenly distributes the hair follicles, making your facial hair appear more even. It also ensures that your beard hairs grow down. The best part about brushing your beard is that it allows you to remove any dandruff from the surface, so you can wash it off in a shower. To remove dirt and grime from the skin beneath your beard, brush it in a circular motion.

2. TRIM. Although you don’t need to worry about it every day, it’s something you should be aware of. Grab an electric razor with a guard and get rid of your beard. There are two ways you can do this. The first is to level everything. You can also give it more life by leaving your hair a bit longer around your chin and your sides. Next, grab your scissors and trim your upper lips. You should not leave any danglers which could catch crumbs and leftover breakfast scents. Anything that hangs below your lip should be removed.

3. WASH. This is the fun part. Next, take your beard-specific shampoo out and apply it to your face. Be sure to get every strand of facial hair. This is crucial for a healthy beard. Next, rinse your beard with cool water. Warm water might dry out your skin. Then, add some beard conditioner to your skin and continue the process.

4. MOISTURIZE. Your mustache and beard should be slightly dampened by your towel. A damp beard is better. Now it is the time to apply your beard oil or balm. Use the beard oil or balm you have and rub it into your hair. Only use a few drops of beard oil, and not more than a dime-sized amount of beard balm. Your beard care routine should end once you have finished putting the product in. Your beard comb or mustache wax can be used for styling purposes, or you can leave it alone.