Four ways to style a Camp Collar shirt for men

Four ways to style a Camp Collar shirt for men

26.07.2022 Off By manager_1

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The camp collar shirt would be my choice of shirt for summer. It’s easy to feel relaxed and comfortable in your vacation vibes with its loose, open collar.

You can find camp collars in a variety of styles, including subtle, solid-white stripes and bolder floral prints. Do not be afraid to wear camp collar shirts, even with floral prints!

These are four ways to get your outfit juices going:

1. Bright and Casual

Try this trick: Wear light-colored pants with your camp collar shirt.

Light colored pants are the best way to instantly evoke summer vibes. You can create contrast by choosing lighter pants, such as a light grey dress pant or light-wash pair of jeans.

2. Dark and Edgy

You can do it by going dark with your pants.

You want to be a little more edgy? Follow Flip Look 1 and wear darker pants, not light.

3. The Camp Collar Shirt & Shorts

Camp collar shirts look like peanut butter and jelly. Chips and guac. Taco Bell and weed! It’s a perfect combination.

Camp collar shirts can be more relaxed and larger so you need to ensure your shorts are properly fitting.

The trick is to use accessories. Accessory can make a big difference in how you look. For iced coffee, a baseball cap and white sneakers are the best choices.

Wear sunglasses. If you are heading to the beach, pack a towel, sandals, and a panama cap.

4. Date Nights

The trick is to let the shirt be the star.

Surprisingly, a suit and a camp collar shirt combination is the easiest to wear. It is important to let the shirt be the main focus. Do not wear a flashy suit, or add brooches to your look. Keep it simple.

Even tips from other looks can be used. A lighter suit is best for casual events like a beach wedding. You want to be dark and sophisticated for date night? Go darker.

Accessorizing is as simple as a pair of sunglasses, a pocket square and some thin jewelry. The combination is already very bold so you can’t go wrong with a little bit of jewelry.

Although they may look the same, a camp collar shirt should fit differently to your regular short-sleeved shirt.

Before you buy a camp collar shirt this season, make sure you understand how it should fit.