All Actors Who Played Batman in TV History

All Actors Who Played Batman in TV History

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  • Christian Bale

The Welsh-born star of Batman/Bruce Wayne played in three films in Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012). The worldwide box office grossed more than $1 billion for the franchise’s two last films. Before the Dark Knight Rises was released, Bale spoke to Collider about his feelings about the Batman suit. Bale said that despite all the pain and heat and sweat and headaches, he still finds it enjoyable to watch the film at the end of the day. He said that he would miss it, and that he liked the “good bit of rubber”.

  • Val Kilmer

Keaton was succeeded by Val Kilmer Kilmer in the dual role of Batman Forever in 1995, but this was an opportunity he had only once. During a Chicago Comic &. Entertainment Expo 2012 he compared Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy to his own Batman film. “Nolan’s films do what I hoped we would do, but did not do. He explained that it was because of Tim Burton’s success with the first film, and Jack Nicholson being so incredible that they kinda got carried away by the idea of the bad guys being immune to rules somehow.” “The original film’s Joker is kicked to the curb and thrown from the bell tower. He suffered, and that kind of went away. It was adorable. It’s funny, but it’s not the best.”

  • Lewis Wilson

In 1943,  Wilson was cast as Batman’s Dark Knight. At 23 years old, he was the youngest actor to take on the role. His portrayal of Batman was criticized for his voice and his physique.

  • Will Arnett

It is not a secret that Arnett has a charming voice. Arrested Development alum Arnett is the ideal choice to voice the character of Batman in the Lego Movie franchise. Arnett was Batman in The Lego Movie (2014) and The Lego Movie 2 Part 2 in 2019. Arnett also had a spinoff, 2017’s The Lego Batman Movie. It earned $311.9M worldwide. Arnett explained in a profile published by the Los Angeles Times that he had carefully thought about the character’s motivations before he accepted the role. “Lego Batman does not know that he’s an animated character — I mean that I approached him with an inner-life character,” Arnett, a BoJack Horseman alum, explained. “I’m talking in his voice. I’m not just talking.”

  • Ben Affleck

Affleck appeared in only two films as the caped crusader in Justice League in 2017 and Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice (2016). In 2016, he also appeared in Suicide Squad as the caped crusader. He has never appeared in a Batman solo film. Affleck parted ways with the role in 2019. He explained why he chose to not reprise the role of Batman in The Way Back in March 2020. The film follows an alcoholism-stricken character. In an interview for BeliefNet, he said that he had the opportunity to direct, write, and star as a standalone Batman, but he lost his interest. “I will go see Robert Pattinson’s movie. It’s going to be amazing, I think. He is great.”

  • Robert Lowery

Lowery was second actor to portray Batman on the big screen. He donned the suit in 1949 for The New Adventures of Batman &. Robin. His role as the Dark Knight was more well-received than his predecessors.

  • George Clooney

The Academy Award winner played the role of the bat-wielding crusader in Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin. The film, which was released in 1997, was widely criticized by critics and movie fans. Clooney said that he had “screwed” the movie after its release. He also stated that he was adamant that he would never make another film like it. He continued to voice the Dark Knight in a variety of animated spinoffs including Justice League Action, Superman: The Animated Series, and others. Conroy also appeared on The CW’s Catwoman series opposite Ruby Rose’s Catwoman/Selina Ky. He told Nerdist that Ruby Rose, with whom most of my work was, is an incredibly generous, supportive actress. “She’s very generous and made me feel really secure with her. Because I hadn’t done any acting on-camera for almost 25 years. My career was impacted by voice-overs in the mid 90s.”

  • Diedrich B. Bader

Bader was chosen to voice Batman: The Brave & The Bold aired for three seasons from 2008 to 2011. His background in voice acting (including films such as Ice Age and Lloyd in Space) only enhanced his ability to capture the voice of this iconic character. Bader has previously shared his journey to finding the voice for an animated character. Verite Entertainment’s Bader explained that he wants to bring ideas to the table, but not be too rigid because others may have different ideas. “Creating something together is one of the best parts about it. It’s not enough to be open to the script. However, you should read it multiple times to get the sense of humor and where they’re going.”

  • Robert Pattinson

Warner Bros. released a teaser trailer of Pattinson’s The Batman in August 2020. However, major delays were caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The film will premiere in March 2022.