Farfetch Beauty Items we are snapping on

Farfetch Beauty Items we are snapping on

26.04.2022 Off By manager_1

clear glass bottle with brown liquid

Ready, set, glam! Farfetch, the luxury e-commerce company, has officially launched its first beauty edit. The company bought Violet Grey, a beauty authority in January. Now it is ready to offer a full-fledged product that we can’t resist.

Yesterday revealed that Farfetch Beauty and it has now included 100+ brands in its beauty category, including makeup, skincare, hair, and fragrance. What about the cult-favorite brands on this list? Charlotte Tilbury and Dr. Barbara Sturm. We’ve put together a list of the must-haves for the launch. Take a look at our shopping baskets.

Yves Saint Laurent, Rouge Pur Couture lipstick, $3

There were many beauty trends that caught the eye on Fall 2022’s runways. While the brows were big and the lashes bleached, there was only one trend that could be seen on every runway: bold lips. Farfetch editors clearly kept catwalk crazes in mind when sourcing products. The Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture lipstick proves this.

Solution No. 2: Off-White, “Paperwork”. 2, $185

Off-White released four new fragrances exclusively in collaboration with Farfetch. The “Paperwork” eau de parfum is a fresh, seasonal parfum that features notes of ginger, lemon, bergamot and tangerine. It’s an amazing way to get the energy back in your mid-season step. The bottle is decorated with a bright red wheel, which will bring out the same energy as your morning routine.

Dr. Barbara Sturm, Hyaluronic Serum, $300

Barbara Sturm is a well-known celebrity for her hyaluronic-serum, which is available in both dark and light skin tones. There are many reasons why she has achieved such fame. The most important purchase in the line, this serum contains both low- and high-weight hyaluronic acids, which leaves your skin super hydrated, from the surface to the depths of the skin.

African Botanics, Marula Oil $120

All beauty lovers agree that a small bottle of marula oil can make a big difference. African Botanics’ neroli-infused version is no exception. This product, which is made using enfleurage techniques, is packed with vitamin rich antioxidants and revitalizing qualities. It can hydrate, treat hyperpigmentation, balance skin, and even give you a glowing complexion. We will be grateful that you added a few drops to your neck, chest, and face.

Aesop, Rose Hair & Scalp Moisturizing Masque, $35

Your hair deserves to be treated with love and care. This cruelty-free brand knows that beauty is more than cosmetics. That’s why it focuses all its attention on creating miracles for skin, hair and body. It also romanticizes plain English words. The Rose Hair & Body is made with sweet almond oil, Vitamin E, rose petals, and Vitamin E. Scalp Moisturizing Maskque will give you a silkier, smoother and more shiny mane.

Chantecaille, Gold-Energizing Eye Recovery Mask, $195

Puffy morning eyes? It’s happened before! It’s possible! Chantecaille’s gilded-eye mask can make you look like a million dollars even after a long night of sleep interruptions. The patches are suitable for all skin types and feature a seaweed-rich formula with rejuvenating properties. You only need to do one thing: Simply pop them on! As you make your morning coffee, their moisturizing, plumping and depuffing properties will do the trick. Voila, you’re golden.

Charlotte Tilbury, Hollywood Flawless Filter. $44

Charlotte Tilbury is a favorite on and off of the red carpet. She has gained a cult Hollywood following. Why? The secret to glowing skin is not lemon water, but her knowledge. This is her multi-purpose Hollywood Flawless Filter Stick, which blurs and smooths the skin. It can be used as a foundation, highlighter, or finishing touch up. The product sells out in under two minutes around the world. You’re sure to get the Hollywood glow, my darlings!

Omorovicza, Firming Body Oil, $79

This Omorovicza product is a liquid miracle that works on the face and body. It has been honored with five stars time and again. The oil, as the name implies, tightens, moisturizes and nourishes. But there’s more to this little glass container than meets the eye. This non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula includes jojoba and other heroes for all-day action. You’ll feel radiant and rejuvenated after just a few drops.