G-SHOCK Virtual World Collection Reviewed

G-SHOCK Virtual World Collection Reviewed

30.08.2022 Off By manager_1

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G-Shock watches are well-known in the EDC community as being tough timepieces that can withstand harsh environments and rugged terrain. Watches are not only useful for telling the time, but they also allow you to show off your personal style. G-Shock is not a watch that can be flimsy or brittle.

The brand’s new Virtual World collection shows strong aesthetics, without sacrificing the quality and functionality that they are known for. The collection is inspired by virtual reality and features bold violet accents and bold blue accents on three digital-analog hybrid watches with retrofuturistic themes.


The GA2100VB-1A is the smallest model in the collection, measuring 46.2mm. It is also lightest, at 41g (1.4 oz) thanks to the Carbon Core Guard structure. The GA2100VB-1A is the most minimalistic of the trio. It has a single sub-dial and a digital display that shows only the most important information.

The dial is black and provides a striking contrast to the bright blue hands. This model also features a light fadeout feature. The GA2100VB-1A model is for those who want to enjoy G-SHOCK’s iconic silhouette and tough performance without all the bulk.


The GA700VB-1A is the largest of the three timepieces. It has a 57.5mm wrist presence and weighs in at a hefty 69g (2.4 oz). The model is a great balance between essential information and easy-to-read legibility. The GA700VB-1A has three digital displays that provide multiple timetelling functions. These include a timer and stopwatch, day/date, alarm, and alarm.

To enhance its sleeker appearance, the analog dial has smaller, sharper-pointed hands. The GA700VB-1A also has deep blue buttons, which contrasts with the black resin band and case. The G-Shock will last for 5 years with a fully charged battery.


The GA900VB-1A has the most functions and features of all three and is the heaviest-duty model. The striking neon blue and violet faces of the GA900VB-1A pack a lot of information into its three digital displays. This hybrid’s digital side includes functions such as an auto-calendar, multiple measurement modes, and regular timekeeping. The analog side of the watch is also not compromised. Skeletized hands sport a striped pattern inspired from industrial “caution” signs.

The GA900VB-1A’s 10-sided glass is finished with four bolts at its “corners” to give it a more robust, durable, and attractive design. This G-SHOCK is incredibly durable and will last for 7 years before needing to be replaced.

As you’d expect from any G-SHOCK watch, the Virtual World collection is shock and water resistant up to 200m. The watches also have a comfortable, durable resin band and a mineral glass that is scratch-resistant. These G-SHOCKS are also equipped with a variety of time-keeping functions. They include a stopwatch and a timer as well as 5 daily alarms.