Pink Hot Chocolate Bombs to Warm Up Cold Days

Pink Hot Chocolate Bombs to Warm Up Cold Days

19.10.2021 Off By manager_1

woman drinking on white and red ceramic mug

A warm cup of hot chocolate is the best comfort food for a cold fall day. But actually, hot chocolate is our favorite treat all year. This time of the year, we love to add drama to our evening drinks with hot cocoa bombs.

You can make hot chocolate bombs by placing small balls of chocolate in a mug. Once they have melted, pour hot milk over them. In this article we have made hot chocolate bombs pink, so that we can enjoy a cup pink & gold hot chocolate like a chocolate queen. This design can be reproduced using white chocolate. You will need oil food colouring to color it. Chocolate doesn’t like gel colouring so don’t try to colour it with gel. You can also substitute milk or dark chocolate for the oil colours if you don’t have any or don’t want a pink beverage. It will still be a magical fall/ winter treat.

From this amount of food you’ll get 3 servings. The preparation time – 20 minutes, cooking time – 30 minutes.


  • 170g chocolate
  • 3 Tbsp cocoa powder
  • Marshmallows or any other sweet treat you like to fill them with
  • Silicone sphere baking mold
  • Optional edible gold leaf
  • Optional pink oil food coloring


  1. Your chocolate should be melted. Melt it in a microwave for 30 seconds. Stir until the chocolate is melted. Stir in the oil colouring if you are colouring your chocolate (if you want to color it pink, it’s better to use white chocolate)
  2. Pour chocolate in the molds. Use a spoon to coat each sphere with chocolate. To harden, freeze for at least 15-20 minutes.
  3.  Repeat step 2. Double coat the chocolate spheres with leftover chocolate. It may be necessary to microwave the chocolate again in order to melt it completely.
  4. After they have fully set, carefully remove each sphere from the mold. To make sure that your chocolate isn’t soft, do a test on one.
  5. Half of the spheres should be filled with cocoa powder, chocolate buttons, marshmallows, and chocolate sprinkles.
  6. To make your bombs, you will need to combine your half-spheres. Place a plate on top of the bowl. When the plate is warm, place one of the half-spheres you have left on top. Let the rim touch the plate for a few seconds until it starts to melt. Next, join one of the filled half spheres with this to make a full sphere. Hold it together for a few seconds. Continue this process for all of your spheres. Then, put them back in the freezer for about a minute to set the melted chocolate.
  7. Decorate. Once you have your bombs, decorate them as you wish, for example you can do it with edible golden leaves or anything else.
  8. Put a hot chocolate ball in a mug, and then slowly add hot milk. The bomb should begin to melt and let go of all its goodies. You can give it a stir to ensure it all fuses together. Then, you can relax and just enjoy it!