Do You Know All 19 Types Of Shirt Collars?

Do You Know All 19 Types Of Shirt Collars?

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Shirt collars may look very similar at first glance. However, if you dig deeper into men’s formalwear you will discover that there are many different styles of shirt collars. Each with its own history and purpose.

What is a Shirt Collar?

A shirt collar is an additional flap of fabric around the neckline. It usually has buttons and a front opening. The original purpose of the shirt collar was to cover neckwear like neckties or bowties. However, different styles are used today for a variety of fashion purposes. The collar includes:

  • Band

This is the stiffer portion of the shirt collar, which helps it stand straight.

  • Collar points

The collar’s pointed bottoms when folded over.

  • Collar spread

The area between the collar points.

  • Roll line

A roll is an arch made by fabric when it’s folded.

19 Types Of Shirt Collared

A standard collared shirt can have a completely different look depending on the collar. Men’s dress shirts require a collar style that is distinctive. This will determine the available neckwear options.

  1. Band collar: Also known as a Mandarin collar, the band collar is a shorter version of a standard collar that cannot be folded down or rolled down. This collar is more casual and has a button to fasten it closed.
  2. Bermuda collar: The Bermuda collar is flat and fitted at the neckline. It has rounded edges and a square notch in its center.
  3. Button-down collars: This collar was originally worn by English polo players. It has buttons at the collar points to help keep the collar in place. Button-down collars are versatile: They can be worn with a suit jacket or casually by themselves.
  4. Camp collar: Also known by the Cuban collar, this collar is very loose and can be worn with casual shirts that are short-sleeved in hot climates. The camp collar can’t be worn with a tie because it is so loose.
  5. Club collar: A collar with rounded collar points gives shirts and their wearers a more preppy appearance. The club collar can be the same as the shirt. However, a shirt with a colored design may be paired with a white collar.
  6. Cutaway collar: A cutaway collar (the collar spread between the collar points of a collar) is a standard spread collar. This allows for more neckwear to be visible and more space for other tie knots such as the Windsor knot. This collar can also be referred to as an Albany collar.
  7. Detachable collar: Also known as removable collars or detachable collars, these collars can be attached and removed from compatible shirts. Detachable collars were originally designed to allow for separate washing and treatment of both the collar and shirt.
  8. Collared dog-ear collar: This collar is similar to dog ears in that it has long, round “ears” that point downward and have a large spread.
  9. Funnel collar: This wide collar is looser fitting because it leaves some space between the fabric & the neck.
  10. Hidden button collar: This collar is similar to a button-down collar, but the buttons that attach the collars to the shirt’s points are hidden under the fabric.
  11. Peter Pan collar: Also known as a Claudine or flat collar, the Peter Pan collar is a flat collar with rounded edges that are shaped to fit the neckline. You can find Peter pan collars on both shirts and dresses.
  12. Pilgrim collar: This collar is very similar to the Bermuda and Peter Pan collars, but the collar is wider.
  13. Ruffle collar: Influenced by the clothes of European aristocrats from sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, ruffle collars can be detached.
  14. Shawl collar: This collar is most commonly found on women’s clothing. It’s folded down and has a large lapel. For layering, cardigans and coats featuring shawl collars have become very popular. Similar style is found in tuxedo jackets.
  15. Spread collar: Spread collars look similar to cutaway collars, but have a greater distance between the collar tips. The main difference is that cutaway collars have a more severe angle. There are many styles of spread collars, including wide spread and semi-spread.
  16. Straight collar: Also called a point collar, this collar is what you will find on most men’s shirts. These collars are great for formal and casual events and have a shorter distance between the collar points.
  17. Tab collar: Tab collars have a horizontal button tab which closes the collar. This tab is hidden behind your tie, or other neckwear. The classic tab collar, also known as James Bond’s look, is popularized by Skyfall (2012).
  18. The turtle collar is a high-profile, tubular collar that’s folded down like a turtleneck.
  19. The wingtip collar: Also known as the wing collar, the formal collar is thickly starched and has the top corners folded in a horizontal manner. Wingtip collars are usually reserved for black-tie events and tuxedos. These collars are often paired with bow ties rather than neckties.